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Calming Music to Sooth Your Soul

We are back with some calming music Our Chill Vibes Playlist just got updated with five new tracks. Each of them unique and perfect for moments of piece and calm. You can listen to the songs now in our Spotify Playlist. Some are more complex, either in meaning or texture, while some are just laid-back Lo-Fi tones. Whatever you need for your relaxing afternoon, we got it!

Surround Yourself with Warm Tones ✨

We mentioned the artist in earlier playlist updates already, and this week he is once more part of our playlist filled with calming music; Sophrosyne! Sophrosyne is the artist name of Jason Van Pelt. With an experimental attitude he makes electronic sound journeys.

The new track ‘Woolly Mammoth’ is part of his fourth album, which goes by the name ‘Reference Material’. ‘Woolly Mammoth’ is a very rhythmic song with calming beats. Sophrosyne makes electronic music but combines this with other elements. Whether it is samples, instruments or different genre influences.

His roots lay in New Orleans, which is something you can sometimes recognize his music by, it tends to have some influences by the New Orleans’ rich music culture.

‘Woolly Mammoth’ is definitely a warm and chill track. The warm analog synths come to you and the thick texture of the song really captures you. It is almost as if the melody is telling you a story of which you become a part. The track is very meditative and gives you room to drift away. Another impressive song of a very talented artist!

Get Persuaded by Deep Vocals 💜

Our second track of this week is ‘Control’ by Big in Borneo. This song is quite dark and mesmerizing. A quiet and relaxing electronic beat, with interesting vocals and natural samples. Big in Borneo is an alias of the artist Michael Pybus.

Big in Borneo successfully creates evocative and emotional music through a landscape of electronic sounds. All his songs are produced in a bedroom studio in London.

‘Control’ starts of slow with some sampling as well as some spoken word about control. The speech is about how control has always been in the world and is a pattern which repeats itself. After this the beat starts and the track comes to life.

The interpretation of the song is up to the listener according to Big in Borneo. He wishes for everyone to find their own meaning in his songs. However, the almost persuasive vocals bring a clear message and make you want to get out of this pattern. It is the darkest single so far for the artists, both in meaning and sound.

Kick back and Relax with Lo-Fi Tones 😌

‘Beachside Paradise’ is the new single of V-Train. The calming and relaxing beats are perfect for studying, rainy days or just a chill atmosphere in general. V-Train is making his name in the scene and makes great Lo-Fi tunes.

V-Train gets his influences from a range of places, music teachers throughout the past but also artists like Jacob Collier, Dr. Dre, Kurtiss Kind and the 9th wonder. V-Train records everything in his own bedroom and fully produces his own tunes. The songs he makes are biographical. Each song is related to the life of the artist, whether actually telling a story or just an emotion.

‘Beachside Paradise’ is a more melancholic track. The deep and embracing sounds give you warmth and comfort, but also makes you go down on memory lane. The song makes you go back to happy memories and think about your past. With a lot of different samples and electronic beats, a nice blend of sounds gets creates.

Uplifting 80’s tune by Wotts 😍

The indie pop duo Wotts just released their new track ‘Domino’. Wotts is a Canadian artistic duo consisting of Jayem and Ricky100. They started off as more of a hip-hop duo but got into indie pop a while back, since then it seems that their music has taken another vibe which is very relaxing and enjoyable.

‘Domino’ is a song about self-destructiveness. It is about someone who always seems to fall into the same patterns which are self-destructive. The track is not judging this, it is more about witnessing this happen repeatedly to someone you know, while there seems to be nothing you can do to fix it.

Instead of building a song from scratch or from a certain emotion, the duo uses visuals as inspiration. For this track the visuals were the movie The Breakfast Club and the series Stranger Things. In this way the song gets created around a story and it forms a rich atmosphere.

While listening to ‘Domino’ you will feel as if in the 80s. Wotts was able to capture the aesthetic and used analogue equipment to really get into the same sounds. With a captivating lyric and happy funky tunes, you will make a journey back in time. Definitely a tune that deserves a spot in our playlist filled with calming music.

Dreamy vibes with a New Age Ambience 💃

The last update of this list is for sure not the least! ‘Don’t Wait’ is the new dreamy track of Daemarcus. This American based artist is entering the music scene with his unique own tracks and will gain a big audience.

Daemarcus is the alias of Adam Araujo, a songwriter originally from Boston. Daemarcus makes indie pop with a new age ambience. He loves to experiment and to make his own super unique sounds, so it is difficult to capture him in one genre. Overall, he makes electronical calming music with chill beats.

‘Don’t Wait’ is the latest track of the artist, which really takes you on a sound journey. The relaxed beat and calming vocals guide you through the song. The vocals fit perfectly together with the different synth layers and work inspiring. The track is about taking your own life in your hands and take action. Do not wait with becoming who you want to be. A comforting and persuasive message.

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