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Chill at best: From Cinematic to Folk

Let’s take some time for ourselves, and chill out! Chill music can be helpful with studying but is maybe even more useful as background music when you hang out with friends, or calming tracks to relax. Whatever your purpose is for relaxing music, we got some new tunes for you! We discovered the latest music in this genre and put it in our Chill Vibes Playlist on Spotify!

Slow, Dark Beats by Matt Ragland 🖤

As a kickstart we have a dark electronic track for you! ‘Ghosts’ is the new song of Matthew Scott Ragland. It shows a new and fresh side of the artist. With sonic beats and electronic tunes, the down-tempo song is a refreshment for your ears.

Matthew Scott Ragland is a singer and songwriter, who was previously the lyricist and songwriter for Nelo. Nelo was an alternative rock band, co-founded by Matthew. Now Matthew is producing solo music and finding his own unique sound. We can expect a full EP this summer, and ‘Ghosts’ gives an indication of the direction that the artist is heading in.

‘Ghosts’ is a darker and more electronical focused track. Matthew Scott Ragland has stepped away from the rock genre and took a more cinematic approach. Deep Lyrics about slowing down, not being able to get enough and other un-soothing feelings paint a picture of discomfort. With a lot of synth and deep and darker vocals Matthew sets the scene for his future.

Let the Moonrays fill your room 🌔

‘Moonrays’ is the latest track of artist Julian Petrin. The song lasts over five minutes, which gives you all the time to sit back and relax. With classical piano sounds and synth-pop, Julian knows how to get to his listeners.

Julian Petrin is a German/Italian artist. His whole life he has been surrounded by classical music and jazz. He was basically raised on jazz music. This makes it possible for him to define these musical genres in a new way. He connects downtempo electronical with neo-classical and compositional ambient music.

‘Moonrays’ is part of a series of already previously existing songs. With his new take on music, he re-edited, remixed and republished his earlier composed music. The song is very slow, with a steady piano rhythm. Cinematic pop tones fill the room as you listen to ‘Moonrays’. Fun Fact: Ramón Springer made T-shirts for the track ‘Moonrays’. To give the song even more impact, the designer created an artsy and minimalistic design.

A new artist with Soulful Electronic Tones 🎵

Remi Charles fills your heart with his new track ‘Hush’. With intriguing vocals and deep lyrics, this downtempo song has a beautiful message. ‘Hush’ is a combination of melancholy for past memories and hopefulness for what is coming.

Remi Charles just came out with his debut single ‘Hush’. It is the first we have heard from the artist and we hope not the last! Remi shows to be a talented artist with honest and authentic lyrics. Previously Remi Charles was part of a band, but during the pandemic he lost touch with music. The London based artist is now reinventing himself and has found his musical passion back.

‘Hush’ is a song about ends and beginnings. A farewell to a dying love, but simultaneously an open mind for the future beyond the horizon. It is about the journey in which one can finally find themselves. With moving vocals, organic textures and hints of alt-pop the emotional message is brought to us in a calming and heartwarming way.

Rough Electronic Beats by Temperature Falls 💪

The newest single of Temperature Falls is out now! ‘Lab Rat’ is an indietronica song with earth-shuttering beats and heavy drums. The track has a slow rhythm and with dreamy dark vocals it drowns its listeners.

Temperature Falls is a duo by Camilla and Ian J. Ward. Camilla is the vocalist and lyricist, where Ian takes care of the instruments. The Norwegian duo makes thrilling music with psychedelic notes and a lot of electronic sounds.

‘Lab Rat’ focusses on the feeling you get when you suddenly see your ex on a party. It can feel unescapable, suffocating and stressful. Reliving the moment you had, is melancholic and uneasy at the same time.

The song has cinematic and thematic beats and fits in genres like alternative electro, trip-hop and psychedelic-pop. It breaks free of any boundaries made by genres, lyrics or melodies and is a truly authentic piece. The song is compelling and unpredictable but still harmonious, it takes you on an outer world experience.

Introspective Lyrics with Calming Beats 💜

Next up we have a warmer and more colored tune; ‘Never Learn’ by Georgie. A soulful song that is empowering and calming. The slow drums and soothing vocals form a perfect combination of harmony and are made to chill to.

Georgie is an upcoming artist from East England. She started her musical career at the age of 17 in the drum and bass scene. Now a couple of years later she found her own sound and started her solo career at the age of 23. She gained a lot of experience in the field and really knows what she wants, which you can hear in her new song ‘Never Learn’.

‘Never Learn’ is a tribute to personal growth and finding yourself. This makes it a super empowering track which can give listeners the strength to take their lives into their own hands. The song is about growing apart from the people you used to connect with and having to find your own way in live again. With high and dreamy background vocals the lyrics become even more powerful.

Be one of the first to listen to ‘Like a Ghost’ 👻

The new single of Bite The Boxer is released recently and is available in our Chill Vibes Playlist on Spotify now! ‘Like a Ghost’ starts with dreamy warm synths, followed by drums and light, mesmerizing vocals.

Bite The Boxer is the alias of Matt Park. He started his music career with an anonymous synth wave project, which grew out to be a DIY production process. In the summer of 2020, he released his first debut album. With his own unique sounds, he blends genres and makes lush track.

‘Like a Ghost’ has beautiful riffs and will drown you in sounds. Through the song the tone changes from very dreamy to darker. It is a combination of alt-pop, lo-fi and synthwave. With electronic, almost futuristic sounds, it tells the story of the feeling when someone holds you down, when you are in a way living like a ghost.

Let the Calm take over your body 😌

Starting with the sounds of dripping and tingling water and a high-pitched electronical tone, the song ‘Just Follow’ takes you on an adventure through a landscape of musical sounds. The song is made by Graffiti Welfare, an American artist who already produced three songs only in 2022!

Graffiti Welfare a.k.a. George Walker Lattimore makes spacey and eccentric music, which is a mix between pop and psychedelic. He is influenced by a lot of big artists like Tame Impala, Radiohead, Beach Boys, Miles Davis, Weatherbox, Beach House, Tycho, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and many more.

‘Just Follow’ is a warm ocean of sounds that covers you whole. The captivating lyrics tell you to just follow, which makes you drift away in a serene calmness. The warm synth combined with electrical guitar riffs and retro elements form the perfect basis to let you chill and take a step back of your busy life.

A Playful feel-good track

GrayBeat released his track ‘Levitron’. With a very rich landscape of sounds and a lot of experimental sounds the artist takes you through a happy journey in finding levitation. There is a steady beat throughout the track, which forms the basis for all the other sounds and samples.

The track is made in combination with Wayne Sayres, a talented saxophonist. At a moment in the song there is even a cathartic saxophone solo which gives a lot of energy. The man behind GrayBeat is Robin. Inspired by a mix between a lot of genres, he is able to create more than music, namely lively experiences. With African elements, jazz tones, rock, hip-hop and electro-pop his music is free of boundaries.

‘Levitron’ is whimsical and experimental. With a lot happening there somehow is still harmony. Covered in synth, the instruments create a beautiful world on their own. The vocals are deep and demanding, asking for levitation. Perfect for our chill playlist.

This Electronic Folk will Blow Your Mind

We are already at our last update of this week. It was a big one, with each and every tack one that you wouldn’t want to miss. This also counts for the last song. ‘Old Man Down South’ by Collie Wattz is less spacey than the rest of this week’s music. It has more of a warm acoustic feeling.

Collie Wattz is an artist from Alabama, where he was born and raised and currently lives. In between he has lived all across the country. This experience is a big starting point for his music, in which he takes you along on his journeys. The independent artist focusses on the combination between folk and electronica.

With hints of lo-fi and warm tones, ‘Old Man Down South’ is a relaxing and honest track. It is clearly influenced by folk music and the harmonica samples give a southern American vibe. The vocals are smooth and descriptive, telling the story of the South. The track is mixed and mastered by Lester Nuby.

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