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Chill Tunes: some new Chill Music to Unwind

It is time for some new songs in your chill playlist, because we have found 10 new amazing chill tunes for you! There is a variation between lo-fi, indie pop, soul and more tribal sounds. This way you know of the newest and coolest songs in a diverse genre.

Fly Back to Life with Wotts ✈

The indie-pop duo Wotts has a wonderful new track for us! The song “Return Flight” has a lot of different layers but comes with an overall calm and chill vibe. The track comes with a good amount of synth and an introspective story.

“Return Flight” focusses on the period after a toxic relationship. In general, there are a lot of songs about relationships and breakups, but not about what happens after the breakup. Wotts specifically focusses on this part and describes live when you have to find your way again.

The duo started off with a lot of hip-hop, over time this has changed a bit. The song “Return Flight” definitely shows a new path that leads away from the hip-hop genre. However, in the core of the music, hip-hop still has an influence on the artist. This influence together with an up-tempo rhythm makes for a great track. The sounds are colorful and enlightening.

We can expect a lot more releases from them in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the Happy and Flowing Rhythm of Anri Abernathy 🌊

Anri Abernathy is an upcoming artist who cannot be left out of the chill tunes playlist. She makes songs with a lot of synth and different tones. Sometimes her songs are more mellow and sometimes more energetic. Overall, her music is great to listen to when you are in a chill mood.

Her new song is called “It’s Not My Fault”. It consists of lighthearted sounds with synthesized vocals. Anri already started making music in high school. Now she still makes her tracks at home and uses a lot of alternative tunes and sources for her sounds.

She makes fun electronical music and is inspired by a lot of different artist. She gets influenced by Porter Robinson, Lena Raine, In Love with A Ghost and takes lyrical inspiration from Sidney Gishaswel.

The new track is the perfect song to study or chill to. With a nice lo-fi base and some poppy tunes, it really grasps you. Listen now to “It’s Not My Fault” on Spotify!

Three Artist come Together in One Sound πŸ™Œ

The band Sinularia has a new song for us, in which they once again show their uniqueness. The song Korallenbeat is a rich composition full of different layers and tunes. This track is chill in a different way. Once you take all the sounds in you will be relaxed by them.

The band Sinularia consist of three members. Each of them with their own typical sounds and skills. In the songs these three artists really get their own stage, while simultaneously working together to make one harmonious track.

The band began as a more experimental youth band, even though the members came from a jazz background. The vibe was funny, serious and harmonious. This worked perfectly and gave the artists the opportunity to make amazing sounds.

Korallenbeat is one of these great tunes. It breaks the boundaries of rhythmic music and lays out a rich landscape of improvisational tones. It is for sure innovative music that we can use

in this century and shows how different layers can be perfectly combined.

Take a Road Trip with XIXI πŸ›£

“Drive”, the new track by XIXI, is out now! This upcoming artist once again blows us away with a chill yet upbeat track. XIXI (pronounced; eleven) started producing songs in 2018 and becomes more and more popular in the field.

The artist is originally from France, where he got in touch with music on a young age. He learned to play the guitar and he learned how to use music as a form to express himself as well. His music has a lot of deeper layers and is also very relatable.

The song “Drive” is one of the latest tracks of XIXI. With harsh, almost yelling, vocals he gets your attention. The vocals are followed by strong trip-hop beats with a lot of synth. The goal of the song is to take you on a drive, far away from your life. You get sucked in by the tunes and completely forget your surroundings.

Focus on 2022 with pop-tones πŸ’ƒ

The new song of Nightly Gatherings focusses on 2022 and all that has to come. “Time With U 2022” is a track about not being alone in your struggles. Life is scary at the moment, but you are not alone in it. With uplifting beats you can see the future of this year together with the people you love the most. Anything is possible when together.

Nightly Gatherings has been producing music for seven years now. Mainly since last year the artist also started to write his own work. With inspiration from artists like Porter Robinson, The 1975, Madeon, Bon Iver and ODESZA, this artist finds a unique way to express himself.

“Time With U 2022” fits perfectly in the genre of hyper-pop. The song has a very high tempo and high-pitched vocals. Therefore the song is super relaxing. The rhythms and tones work nicely together and totally calm you. A song that you definitely want on your own chill tunes Playlist.

This Song will Spark your Senses ✨

“Afterglow” is the new tune of De Antiquis Et Novis. The song has deep sounds and mesmerizing tones. This will fully stimulate your feelings and give you a true sensation. The overall super calm rhythm still gives you energy, because of the deeper layers. This song is the definition of chill tunes.

De Antiquis Et Novis is a German composer, artist and producer. He produces electronical music that sooths the soul. He has been making music since he could think, so it becomes obvious that this is a true passion of the artist.

When listening to “Afterglow” you really feel the vibe. The golden hour of the sunset is fading away. While the last rays of sunlight touch your skin, you feel the warmth. The track consists of different vocal layers that blend in nicely together. The vintage synth together with a smooth undertone creates an ocean of sounds.

The Perfect Chill Song to Drift Away with 😌

The song “Heather Grey” embodies chill tunes. It starts slow with a soul and jazzlike feeling. The song changes with synthetic energy and strong vocals into an indie song with silky notes.

“Heather Grey” is the new song by IDN. They produce electronical music with queer, pop and soul vibes. IDN takes influences from a lot of artists.Β  Musicians like Moses Sumney, Caribou, Timber Timbre, Roro y Moi and many more. This broad influence gives him a lot of perspective and different sounds.

 The song is the first one of the new album Kaleidoscope. The album in general focuses on the topic love. A lot of the songs are straightforward love songs, which also counts for Heather Grey. Some of the other songs are about broken relationships and moving on.

In the lyrics and emotional layers, you can hear the longing for love, a feeling that is very relatable. The track consists of a lot of layers. Altogether we could say that it combines sexual tension with grungy queer vocals and dreamy vibes.

Soothing Vocals to Hypnotize you πŸŒ€

The alternative duo Temperature Falls comes with a new relaxing track: “Reach”. “Reach” is a hypnotic song with captivating soundwaves.

Temperature Falls is an international music duo based in Norway. The Norwegian Camilla is the vocalist and lyricist of the two, where the British Ian J. Ward is the multi-instrumentalist. They form a great team and produce artistic songs infused with electronics that also has hints of alternative rock.

The song “Reach” is about reaching for your dreams. Reaching for things that you want to pursue or have in your life. It focuses on the difficulty that comes with this because of one’s surroundings. Even when people around you do not agree, you should always reach for the things that you want in life.

This jaw-dropping track has you put it on repeat. The vocals are soft yet energetic and the live drums and bass are breathtaking. The tune has a lot of energy but with soft and atmospheric tones it contains also super much chill.

Go on a Spiritual Adventure with Beat The Drum πŸŒ™

Beat the Drum came out with a new track. Since their main rule is that there are no rules, you are always blown away by these musicians. “Spirits In The Ice” is super captivating and trance-inducing.

Beat The Drum started as a band with five members but over time it changed into a duo. The two artists make songs using deep vocals combined together with interesting sounds. With their passion for creating, they make something different and special every time.

The song consists of nature sounds combined with a lot of almost tribal like vocals and deep rhythms. Sounds like the wind and the cracking of the ice really take you to another world.

The spiritual rhythm of “Spirits In The Ice” is almost hypnotic. There are a lot of humming layers together with some spoken vocals. Everything in this song calms you and makes you chill, while travelling to this other place.

Danceable Chill Tunes πŸ•Ί

Lo-Fi is in general the ultimate chill music with both soft synthetic tones and soothing sounds. The new song of DJ Baja Blast has exactly this. Combined with an up-tempo rhythm and a lot of energy, this chill tune becomes danceable and funky. The track “H.O.S.” was released in the beginning of this year and has us putting it on repeat.

DJ Baja Blast has been making music for more than 10 years now. The artist is from Denver, Colorado where they make their expressionistic music. Tunes with a lot of texture and details. In general, the songs are moody, depending on the vibe they can also be super catchy.

“H.O.S.” is definitely one of those catchy tracks. It is on the edge of danceable lo-fi. It makes you chill with a lot of energy. There are no vocals in the song, which gives it extra focus to the synthetic levels. With a lot of layers and different tones the song is dreamy and snappy.

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