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Music for chilling: some of our favourites now

This week’s update consists of some great music for chilling. 5 songs, each with their own style and vibe to it. Some are more up-tempo and rawer, while others consist of slow beats and instrumental tones. Whether it is electronical music you are looking for or lyrics that get you relaxed, these songs have it! You can find our Chill Vibes Playlist on Spotify, which we keep regularly updated with upcoming artist and new calm songs!

‘Angels’ Calms every nerve in your Body 😇

This week we start our Chill Vibes Playlist update off with a super calming and slow tune. The new track ‘Angels’ of ODELET is slowing your heartbeat and surrounding you with a soothing vibe. ODELET is an American musician, she was born in Detroit but now resides in the Bay Area.

The artist has not just produced a music track, it comes with an experimental short film. The 26 minutes film is meant to be an addition to the music instead of the other way around. Often music is part of the story but since the movie is the focus, the music loses its importance a bit. In this case the movie is fully aligned with the song. It has won over 16 awards so far already.

Nearly all the instruments you hear on the track are played by ODELET self. The soft vocals drift on an ocean of instrumental sounds. The use of 60’s and 70’s recording techniques gives it an original and timeless colour.

Another Masterpiece by De Antiquis Et Novis 🖼

De Antiquis Et Novis is probably a familiar name to you already. Besides the fact that they are getting more publicity, they have also been featured in our playlist before. Their new tune ‘Calm’ has a distinctive beat with captivating vocals.

De Antiquis Et Novis is the alias of Matthias Schorer, a German based artist and producer. From Munich he fills the world with electronical soundscapes and originals songs. Together with Edi Schorer he produced the track ‘Calm’.

De Antiquis Et Novis takes influence from artists like Bank & Jones, Jean Michel jarred, Schiller, Tangerine Dream and Christopher von Deylen. With a combination of modern and vintage synth he creates a surrounding sound that really captures you.

‘Calm’ literally does what its title describes, it calms you down. The main focus of the artist is to calm the listener. The compelling strong beat gets you in a chill mood. The dreamy voice tells a story that is very relatable; Wanting to stop, and not wanting to run for another day.

Dreamy British Vibes ☁

‘Southend Vic’ is the new tune of The Miller Test. The video single is a mix of different genres that blend in well together. The nostalgic lyrics set the scene for a very British relatable lifestyle. Southend Vic is the reference to the railway station in Southend-On-Sea in the UK. Which is a typical East England town.

The Miller Test is a band, who has played together now for over a decade. The five members work together and produce a nice blend of sounds. The band consists of Mink (vocals, guitar, keys), Emma (vocals), Matt (guitar, keys), Sam (bass, guitar) and Gav (drums, percussion).

The song is a little melancholic, in a chill way. It is about the memories from a different place you would call home. Even with all its flaws. The track is a mixture of trip-hop, alt-rock and indie vibes. Electronic percussion forms the basis of the tune, together with the story telling vocal sound.

Lo-Fi Hip-hop with a Groove 💜

VJAY.mp3 is a multi-instrumentalist, who is making his way into the music scene as an upcoming artist. His new song ‘Middle’ is not only chill, it is also groovy! With upbeat synths and electronical beats, he gets you in a good mood.

The vocals are kind of dreamy. Combined with a lot of different samples and sounds, the song is a real build up into chill. Vjay.mp3 is a live loop artist, which makes the songs even more impressive. While looping samples he is able to put different instruments together and make something unique and original.

‘Middle’ is a mix of Lo-Fi and Indie-rock. The song is somewhat poppy and groovy. It makes you happy and forget about the stress that daily life can sometimes bring. The artist makes his own blend of different genres like BubbleGum Pop, Rock, R&B, Electro-Pop and older music. All of this together makes VJAY.mp3 a super unique and interesting artist that creates great music for chilling!

Edgy Dance Vibes with a Pop Nuance 💃

The last song of this week’s update is ‘sake sake sake’ by MY BABY. The Dutch-New Zealand trio makes chill trance tracks with a little rough edge. ‘sake sake sake’ is part of the similarly named album. It is danceable, relatable and relax able.

MY BABY worked together on this track with Steve Dub. A producer who worked with names like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and more. The psychedelic trio together with the producer turns out to be a very promising combination.

The Dutch- New Zealand band plays hypnotic dance music, driven by roots. With ancient folk melodies, seventies funk, gospel and blues samples and influences, the band is pioneering in the music world. ‘sake sake sake’ is a raw, edgy tune with an upbeat tempo. Although this sounds intense, it is actually a super chill song.

The song is updated into our playlist with music for chilling. Let the futuristic cathartic trance take you on a journey and listen to it now!

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