hollinger + moono: Adventurous Organic Chill coming in ✨

We are super enthusiastic to announce that we have a fresh, new album for you! hollinger + moono just dropped their first collaboration in the form of a four-song album. The album is called Reflections, which hints to the transition of the two artists working together but also to reflecting on the latest developments in the world.

The whole album explores a non-binary world of emotions. You will feel this directly when listening. The songs consist of numerous layers that inspire your spirit. Each song is very different but overall, they all have the same vibe. They are able to relax you while simultaneously trigger your feelings and excite you.

The first song of the album is Nebulæ. It starts very slow with ethereal sound waves and builds up to a chill and ambient track. The second tune shares the name of the album, Reflections. It is as if you are diving deeper and deeper in a magical ocean. Thirdly, Rewound is a darker and more mysterious track, with deep synth. Lastly there is the song Maturation. It starts dark and becomes lighter and more complex while proceeding. It is almost as if you are being born from the womb and really maturing.

This first release of the duo is working out so well! With inspirations from Tim Hecker and Loscil they really combined both of their individual qualities into one aura throughout the album. We hope you’re all warmed up for this refreshing collaboration because we certainly are!

You can get your hands on this fresh release via Bandcamp, starting from the the 2nd of April.

Here is an audiovisual artwork by hollinger + moono to get you steamed up for the album.

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