Pop song for every mood

Enjoy some of the latest tracks from emerging talent that you will be glad you discovered. No matter your mood, pop just has the power to lift your spirits and get you into a grooving mood so find below our curated list of pop songs and artists you will want to follow.

A groovy track with a nostalgic feel 🙌

This track starts with a kick at the very first ‘Hello?’ then dives into a recognizably indie rhythm and melody. Coupdekat’s vocals in this track are nostalgia at its best with a flowing melody and steady beat reminiscent of 80s pop and indie sounds.

Katherine Reilly is a singer-songwriter who has been composing since she was a teenager and is inspired by the likes of Blondie and Mazzy Star who share a similar tone of voice with Katherine. The track is directed by Kat herself and Enzo Blaise.

The track, ‘Love Online’ is a lament of loneliness that comes with 21st-century online relationships. The singer questions whether such love can truly satisfy if that connection is only over Wi-Fi.

It is a significantly relevant song in the modern atmosphere where the online platform is touted as the new-age way of creating and sustaining nearly all connections. But is it enough? All too often, it is not!

A high energy pop track and powerful vocals 🎤

‘23’ is a track featured in the album dubbed ‘The Aftermath of 2016’. The album debuted on the 17th of July 2022 and is already delighting the alternative rock music fan base.

Trish Discord is a musician and composer from New York whose music conforms to alternative/rock, indie, and Brooklyn grunge. Trish Discord’s latest album is a semi-autobiographical work detailing her experiences following Brexit and the inauguration of former president Trump.

This was a trying time for many and Trish Discord found herself working through the uncertainty by exploring music and a ton of introspection brought forth ‘23’.

Trish Discord’s music always has a message about mental health which is a personal point of passion for her. As a holder of two psychology degrees mental health is a topic that has found its mouthpiece in Trish’s music.

‘23’, produced by Emma Young and mixed by Devon Aviles, is an introspective monologue and addresses struggle, mistakes, the strength to confront internal turmoil, and owning up to your actions.

Beautifully melancholic song with soulful lyrics ✨

This track steered clear of power moments choosing instead to focus on a somber soulful mood delivering a sad yet perfectly soothing melody. ‘Love language’ is a beautifully packaged love song replete with longing.

The track is written by Patryk Kania, a Polish-born UK-based singer-songwriter new to the showbiz platform. ‘Love language’ is Patryk Kania’s second single this year and was released in May 2022.

‘Love language’ is a soulful six minutes of a hurting lover struggling to understand why love won’t stop disappointing and hurting each time. The singer asks, ‘Do you speak my love language?’ a common turn of phrase among young people today.

In the track, the singer promises a love that is for all intents and purposes unbreakable and all-consuming and asks whether it is sufficient or ‘enough’. They are seeking reassurance that it is enough if they give it their all.

Patryk Kania’s vocal mastery is the epitome of control and rests in the lower octaves crooning sweetly like the blues.

Soothing guitar and introspective ambient lyrics 🎸

Opening with an echoed catchy first line, ‘And the night came for you’ this track grabs your attention off the bat. The track loops around this one phrase making it easy to find yourself singing along.

Stephen Caulfield is a singer-songwriter, musician, and producer from Berkshire UK who was born into a musical family. He found his sound soon enough but preferred to go out on his own and let his creations bloom unfettered.

This song is an introspective purpose about being swallowed by darkness and falling into the abyss. The singer sings about being owned and seduced by the allure of darkness barely realizing that the metaphorical darkness would inevitably have to give way to morning and therefore regret.

The song is looped in a repetitive flow of the phrase forming a ring of lyrics that inevitably deteriorate as the song comes to a close just like the darkness referenced.

Lush pop sounds and magnificent melody 💜

Listening to ‘My Mind’ one can’t help but wonder what got the singer to this point. Opening the number with a smooth Latina-like guitar the track is an incisive retrospective monologue with the mind questioning a lack of control the singer imagined he had.

Juracan sings about taking time from his own mind and taking a break in the wake of realizing his mind is not his to control. There is a sinking feeling of chaos and uncertainty infused in the lyrics, that just won’t go away. The song is a relatable lament that many today are faced with and the swaying melody is a real joy to listen to.

Juracan is a multi-instrumentalist and has created music since he was a teenager. Pierre Carbuccia’s music is influenced by jazz, pop, latina, blues, and country sounds and his deft hand at mixing sounds makes it difficult to confine his music to any one genre.

Dance and pop to funky beats 🕺

Just relax as the track suggests but it will prove difficult not to tap your foot or bob your head to the beat of this track. The released remix adapts electronic beats and a funky party-style arrangement that is easily a party anthem.

Cindy-Louise is a Netherlands-based musician, singer and songwriter who has seen quite some success with her music career owing to her vocal ability to sing studio versions as well as perform live with astonishing ease. There is eccentricity to Cindy-louise’s art and her pop-infused music is an overall unique sound.

Her voice has a powerful range and rich tone to it which reflects in her music. The song, ‘Just relax’ is a dance number for all who are ready to let loose and take life as it comes. It is care-free, speaks to those of a happy-go-lucky disposition, and is an inviting track to dance to.

Daring sassy and ready for what’s next 💪

‘Look At Me Now’ is a really sassy retro-sound track. The pop beats and subtle grunge feel to the melody leave you no option but to dance to the beats. A fierce track about moving on from a broken heart, this number is a cool rhythm for the dance floor.

Lily Lane is a seasoned musician, singer and songwriter based in New York. The Boston born beauty is a talented composer whose track is influenced by grunge and pop sounds as well as a retro undertone.

Lily Lane is also a talented performer whose vocal range floats easily into higher octaves and droops easily adding richness to her performance.

 ‘Look At Me Now’ was released on the 8th of June and is already a fan favorite and a critically acclaimed track. Her vocals in this song show a more mature sound and finer control. This track is a fierce attitude all the way!

Eerie and strangely comforting arrangement 😌

This track examines and criticizes the current culture of consumerism and vanity that the present generations appear to worship. The track imitates the delirium of a barely conscious drifting mind sickened with greed and avarice.

The chilling sounds are achieved by layering vocals and instrumentals which is a style of composition that NEFΛEΛI appears to favor. In recent years, her music appears to be influenced in part by the styles of Billie Eilish, Stromae, Radiohead and Son Lux.

Born to a distinguished family, she preferred to venture out on her own to develop her musical career and craft a signature unique to her. NEFΛEΛI experiments with alternative pop-rock sound infused with experimental electronic rhythm.

Her Greek and Turkish roots can be detected in the background of her music which is her way of paying homage to her origins. As an artist, her passion lies in composing lyrics, singing, and music production.

A pop rock ensemble you will have on repeat 🤘

Troubled relationships are as powerfully inspiring as they are damaging and this track speaks to the turmoil and chaos of a tumultuous love. The tempo is a lovely danceable beat that will easily have every party animal on their feet.

The chorus is easily the catchiest lyric and you will be singing along in no time. Hannyta’s piercing power vocals do the track justice and paired with the rock instrumentation, this is one of the best tracks you will hear in a long while.

Hannyta is a budding musician whose interest in music started early on while she was a child growing up in the Scottish Highlands. Currently based in the UK, Hannyta is fascinated and impassioned by all things music.

From singing to composing and producing, her interests keep her rooted in harnessing her musical genius. Her influences include Adele, Birdy, Shania Twain, Avicii, The Weeknd, Sia and Mike Oldfield.

Cool pop sound with a side of 90s R&B

This track laments the repeating pitfalls of falling in love again only to find it is a disappointing experience just like the previous one. 90s rnb is clearly the main sound here and the number is beautifully delivered by Nigel Hinds.

Smokingsforcoolpeople writes and produces the track which promises to be a big pop track. Smokingsforcoolpeope, or Christof, is a seasoned vocalist who found his love for music at an early age while singing in the church choir.

Christof has focused his attention on producing and composing music in recent years which is where this track comes from. ‘Ghostin’ decries the repetitive failure that the singer’s love life seems to be and the flailing hopes that each dalliance will be different from the last.

Nigel Hinds lends his talented vocals to create a track reminiscent of Usher Raymonds’ legendary vocal signature with the high notes executed perfectly, blending with softly crooning lyrical notes.

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