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Perhaps you’re a 9-to-5er preparing for an important work presentation. Or you’re a student, and you have a major test around the corner. Or maybe your parents are meeting your significant other for the first time. Whatever the occasion, it’s always a great idea to chill out. We selected some songs for every vibe.

We’ve all been stressed out at some point – what’s better than relaxing, soothing, and chill songs to help you feel relaxed. We have prepared a review of ten chill songs from up-and-comers and established headliners.

Deep and atmospheric relaxing ✨

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Kyle has crafted modern classical works that infuse an atmosphere of powerful clarity. His music is designed to evoke wonder and empathy in those who listen. The band comprises Preston, an orchestrator and a composer. Without the Scars is a classic use of melancholic electronic sounds as if imitating a string section.

With a deep background in astrophysics and astronomy, Kyle Preston’s works are based on scientific realism. The song is also quite personal to the artists, as they had been through a demanding spell before they released the music. There had been two deaths in Kyle Preston’s family, and he had to work too hard to move past the resentments and dark thoughts of grieving.

His music evokes feelings of relaxation and empathy in the listener, perfect for a morning listening. This song is available on major music streaming platforms like Spotify.

Walk on water with John Long 🌊

John Long has been in the music scene in various capacities. He is a professional songwriter, singer, studio producer, and worship leader at his US studio space. After working professionally with other artists for six years, John Long decided to make his mark in music and culture. He has been releasing from 2021 until the present.

One of John’s well-known works is Ghost Upon the Water. The song symbolizes the story of Jesus Christ walking on the water. John puts himself in the shoes of the disciples, who saw a ghost approaching them. The worship song helps believers to challenge their faith healthily. Faith should continuously get stronger, and one way of doing so is to imagine what would happen if you were the one on the disciples’ boat.

The song’s ending is quite unpredictable. It takes a severe and tense melody symbolizing the disciples’ fear and questioning. When they realize it is the Messiah, the fear turns into hope. The song means that sometimes our faith can turn our fears into hope. Listen to it on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms.

Float away to experimental beats 🌌

OMNINORM Records released Zabble Dub’s music video to celebrate the new album’s release and reminisce the history of people escaping the limits of their native planets. This meticulously handcrafted film is a classic collaboration between Empty Cans in Outer Space and Ivan Drybas – a graphic artist.

Outer Worlds is the band’s second full-length album, together with a synth/guitar internet from Belarus and Germany. The alum contains ten songs under the category of space electronic music, but it blends a broad range of styles and sub-genres. From poetic instrumentals to experimental electro-acoustic music, the album combines heavy bass and electric guitars with IDM-like beats and psychedelic synths, relaxing you into a tranquil sonic journey.

Empty Cans in Outer Space dedicate their album’s opening track to Holger Czukay. The track outrightly depicts this record’s inspirations – carefully selecting experimental results and combining ideas, responses, and calls. The band produced the album, including Zabble Dub, and Bill Sellar mastered it at Super Audio Mastering.

Zabble Dub and its animated music video was released in April 2022, and is available on major music streaming platforms like Spotify.

A distinctive world of ambiance πŸ’œ

Tomerle is ready to roll with his latest ambient, chill instrumental, Misty. With a lot to explore in the lo-fi scene, some search for their distinct sound and specialize their discography based on it. Artists such as Tomerle are constantly evolving, just like their distinctive sound. In Misty, the artist achieves consciousness layering, diving the listeners into the world of pure ambiance.

Tomerle has released three Eps – Shizuku, Sakura, and Kol. Some of these albums were double A-sides with a consistent theme. Sonically, Tomerle finds a way of offering each listener a floating world fantasy and enjoying new fingerprints. Misty also features an ambient theme with a simple melody and bells centred on the spine.

Tomerle uses an emerging series of ideas and thoughts creatively to combine simplicity with a variety of compound sounds. The musician seeks the perfect sounds that people can connect with. Listen to Misty on Spotify today.

Chill with this electronic love song πŸ’“

Hunter Keegan Gorman (HKG) is a versatile and dynamic songwriter. He is also a specialist in various genres and moods like romance, party, soulful, heartbroken, and chill music. HKG began producing music 14 years ago with his brothers in a band called The Perks. The Perks played at numerous venues across Las Vegas – House of Blues, Bunkhouse Saloon, and Hard Rock venues. The band released three Eps before they went on a break.

Currently, Hunter Keegan Gorman has been producing and discovering his distinct sound away from his brothers’ band. One of these songs is Armour – this blends of EDM and pop love song will help you chill from your stresses and concentrate on your activities.

HKG has been highly active in the Las Vegas music industry for around five years, playing unreleased music and gradually evolving his tracks into what they are today.

Layered vocals and a vintage feel 😌

BREGN was born through love for layered vocals, vintage sounds, analogue gear, and tape saturation. The multi-instrumentalist looked up to Elliott Smith, The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, and Nirvana. In 2022, BREGN produced an atmospheric, catchy song, RAW, and another folky quiescence single, WIND. With two hot releases in 2022, the Denmark-hailing singer-songwriter is genuinely proving to be one to watch.

Following the success of BREGN’s lullaby, Dreaming, the songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has timely delivered a euphonic bliss through his recent track, Summertime. Many fans have hailed the single as a meditative tapestry of intricacy and intimacy.

Summertime has the elements of a playlist staple for fans of Elliott Smith, The Violent Femmes, Grandaddy, The Beatles, and Bill Ryder-Jones. Summertime sinks its teeth into many emotions with natural phenomena and the weather symbolizing human relationships. BREGN plants new connections even when there is mass disillusionment and disconnection.

Magical and magnificent 🌺

A Tree on A Hill embraced the natural greenery around him. Creating modern classical songs that take a page the land and the sea, he has already released two Eps, and he’s following it up with more 2022 releases. Now A Tree on A Hill is spicing it up with a more subdued version of Purple Hydrangea.

Inspired by the plant’s lifecycle, he imitates it with his violin and piano. The composer takes a step back consciously and allows the sounds to work for him. Born in the 70s, New Romantic, New Wave, and Synth Pop majorly influenced a Tree on A Hill’s music taste.

Magical and magnificent, the purple hydrangea pleases anyone who catches a glimpse of it. The piano sounds represent the growth of the plant. The strings reflect the shrub’s abundance and the violin symbolizes the environment that the hydrangea enchants.

A universe of beats πŸš€

Ducks and Drakes is a contemporary piece of musical work from Almwaya’s album, Riding a Camel in the Middle of the Sea. The album comprises eight distinct tracks traveling through the sweet and warm waters of the Nile River, feeding off the infinity energy of the Cedars, and reflecting the truth of the Mediterranean Sea and the glory of the Alps.

Almwaya is a lyrical project that walks you through the universe in a tunnel of electronic beats, experimental sounds, and synthesizers. You can find this masterpiece on Spotify and other popular music streaming online platforms.

A reflection on growth πŸ‘‘

Being in a romantic relationship with someone is not such a smooth ride. Ruto explores this fundamental aspect in his new single, No Repeats, where he narrates a story of being in love with a person experiencing anxiety and depression. In the love song, Ruto tells how you try to be there for your partner and willing to give them everything they might need, but you feel an external force pushing at you.

Filled with the need of adjusting your life to be with a person you deeply care for, Ruto takes a different perspective at romantic relationships and assesses how mental health can contribute to their downfall. The self-taught artist utilizes his broad diversity to introduce emotions to the listener in an intriguing lyrical flow.

Ruto plays every instrument by himself and records the music as a way of reflecting the growth and development people experience in their daily lives.

A personal and touching track πŸ™

Circumambient is Nickon Faith’s debut album which will be launching in 2022. It is an 11-track that is inspired by various musicians of different genres who have played a significant role in this artistic journey. Nickon Faith has incorporated extensive ambient landscapes with gated vocal lines and trancey synths, bright percussion, and organic, textured backgrounds.

Furthermore, some tracks in circumambient have borrowed unusual instrumentation from eastern music and other exotic sounds. Every song is unique and has a distinct rhythm and character. It also has interlude tracks to break the song up – like you would when narrating a story.

Circumambient draws inspiration from the artist’s personal experiences. The artist experienced overwhelming, surrounding, and ever present thoughts; hence the name circumambient. It’s quite fulfilling for the artist to finally get all the pieces together and tell a theme-packed story like this.

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