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Another week, another Pop Tunes Playlist update. We found a lot of songs for you this week and in this article, you will read all about it! We got some old school pop, more magical tunes and empowering tracks for you. So, read along and get to know all about these amazing pop songs! Oh, and don’t forget that you can listen to them in our Pop Playlist on Spotify.

Feel Good Track with a Lush Sound 🙌

The first tune of this update is ‘Where You Been?’ by Red Skies Mourning. The Maryland based solo artist made a new captivating and driving track. ‘Where You Been?’ starts with a compelling rhythm, which combined with vocals and good beats, builds up to an explosion of sounds.

Red Skies Mourning is a promising artist who is gaining audience fast. As a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he is able to make his own unique sound. A one-man rock-band with authentic sounds.

‘Where You Been?’ is a combination of different genres. It is definitely an amazing pop song, with hints of indie, retro tones and a dreamy vibe. The track will get under your skin and makes you listen to it all day. The beat will take over your body and makes you want to dance. The vibe and lyrics tell the feeling of falling in love at first sight. A moment where you get this urge to be with somebody, which gives energy and makes you wonder where that person has been in all of your life.

Next Stop: Calming Tones with A Clear Message 😌

Lauren Walton’s deep vocals start of the musical journey of ‘Hardwired’. Her clear message is accompanied by a slow thriving beat. A track that is very relatable and comforting in every way.

‘Hardwired’ is the debut single of Lauren Walton and we cannot wait to hear more! Lauren Walton is the singer-songwriter of the track. The production is covered by George Rose. Lauren Walton is a promising artist, influenced by other strong female singers like Christine and the Queens, Lorde and Florence and the Machine.

The track ‘Hardwired’ is provocative and will touch you so deep that you will feel it in your bones. With her music, Lauren explores the road to finding herself, and growing in a situation of adversity. Making music works as a way of venting, she has a Dissociative Disorder, and, in the music, she is able to find herself.

‘Hardwired’ is dark but also empowering. The vocals tell a strong and emotional story, but the music surrounding it is like a warm blanket and gives a perspective for the future.

Warm and Heartfelt Melodies by Totemo ❤

Totemo takes you on a visual journey through her experiences. ‘My Gravity’ is a song on separation, disillusionment and growth, which is accompanied by warm tones and a feel-good vibe.

Rotem Or is the woman behind Totemo. She is active in the Tel-Aviv music scene and creates danceable, relatable pop music that will get stuck in your head. ‘My Gravity’ tells her personal story formed by a relational split and the pandemic. The song describes what she feels and thinks when she visits her ex’s appartement, in which they used to live together. The powerful description puts you in the room, you can see the situation and really feel it.

The track is a combination of electro trip-pop and Israeli indie-pop. Made in co-production with Roy Avital. With intimate electronical tones and a soft vocal soundscape, the song is authentic and heartwarming. With to the point lyrics and soulful eastern chimes she turns a sad story into a feel-good mood.

Let Philip La Rosa take you on a Ride! 🛣

‘Ride’ is the new song of Philip La Rosa. It is futuristic and playful. With a slow and intriguing beat, the landscape for dreamy and strong vocals is set. The track is his first single of 2022, with a lot more planned for this year. ‘Ride’ is made together with Astrid Ripepi, whose vocals are almost talking with Philip La Rosa.

Philip La Rosa is an Australian artist, who has been releasing music on a steady based since 2016. In a world where musical boundaries are non-existent anymore, Philip is able to find his own sound and play with textures and different musical layers. The track features Astrid’s vocals and is produced by Takka Perry.

‘Ride’ has a more sensual and flirtatious vibe. The dreamy vocals are combined with slow-motion sounds and R&B tones. Overall, it is an amazing pop song with a lot of potential. In which two people sing about their love and desires for each other.

A song Full of Magical Sparkles ✨

The new track ‘Sparkly’ is exactly what you would expect of Maijah, it is literally sparkling with dreamy sounds and fairy like tones. Maijah is a singer-songwriter who knows how to make her audience happy.

Maijah has been performing her whole life and music has always been important for her. However, she started officially releasing in 2021. Her new take on pop music is very lush and bubbly. Maijah takes influence from artists like Adele, Doja Cat, Amy Winehouse, Sabrina Claudio and Jorja Smith. Her inspiration comes from powerful female singers, which is exactly what she is herself.

‘Sparkly’ is a layered song, filled with different sounds and vocals. Even though there is so much happening in the song, it feels harmonious. The raw authenticity of Maijah shows in the lyrics and special sound. A song filled with hints of magic and high-pitched vocals. She knows how to put depth in the amazing pop genre and is inspiring and empowering her listeners, with fairy like strong pop music.

Drift Away into Outer Space with Soran 🌌

Filled with Synth, raw vocals and a good rhythm, ‘Space Boy’ marks the return of Soran. The song ‘Space Boy’ is part of an EP consisting of five tracks, with the same name. It is a very electronical song, while at the same time being very authentic. With good lyrics the song is very relatable and easy to listen to.

Soran is a Canadian based singer and songwriter, residing in Montreal. He is half-Japanese and half-French, which makes for an interesting new vision in pop music. With this EP he makes a comeback, which is very promising. For Soran music is a way to define himself and search to the meaning behind being human.

‘Space Boy’ is an ode to Soran’s mother. She recently passed away and with this song he pays his respects to her. ‘Space Boy’ comes from the way his mother used to call him. With cosmic soundwaves and an honest voice, he paints the scene of the feeling that someone is slipping away into space.

A Soulful and Sensual Track with Pop Elements 💜

When you are listening to Jordan Bakewell, you will know what a typical pop-singer sounds like. His track ‘Freaky’ has a lot of R&B and pop elements. With a clear focus on vocals and a funky beat, the track makes you feel good.

Jordan Bakewell is a singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom. He has been making music for a little over a year now and records his tracks at home. Influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, he takes you to a more original sound of pop.

‘Freaky’ is a funky love song about desiring someone and wanting to “get freaky” with them. It has a lot of amazing pop elements and is inspired by R&B from the early 2000’s. With an engaging beat and a good vocal sound, he has put together a really nice feel-good song. The track is very compelling, and you will start to sing along sooner than expected.

A Dreamy Pop Track to make you Move 💃

‘Life Bond’, a track with a catchy rhythm and dreamy vocals. Dj H CHIMIST is the writer and producer of ‘Life Bond’. This self-production is very poppy and sparkly, with a lot of synth and a danceable beat.

Dj H CHIMIST is the artistic name of Hakim Borni. Hakim is a musician from Paris. He started to be interested in music at the age of 12. Through breakdancing he found his way in the rap and hip-hop scene, in which he worked for a long time. With a lot of albums on his name, he is a well-known composer already. Nowadays he makes music that fits more into the pop-genre. He is not a vocalist himself but invites artists from anywhere in the world to collaborate and sing vocals on his beats.

‘Life Bond’ has a lively beat and a dynamic rhythm. With fairy like vibes and a magical synthetic soundscape he has produced an amazing pop song that is funky, happy, and danceable.

Indulge in Retro Funk 🕺

Keyes brings retro pop back in a new style. The song ‘Only You’ is a combination of modern production styles together with vintage sounds. Keyes knows how to create a unique and authentic sound with relatable lyrics.

Keyes is a songwriter, lyricists, and producer, based in Australia. She features with different artists, who sing the vocals for her tracks. She is influenced by a wide range of artists like Lady Gaga, Prince, Major Lazer, Michael Jackson, Majid Jordan and Freddie Mercury.

‘Only You’ is a home production inspired by the 80’s. It brings a deep message with uplifting and light harmonies. The song is about wanting one more chance with someone you want so bad, even though you have to get over them. ‘Only You’ is a modern pop song with elements from the past. Good synths and a driven beat lead you through the story told by the vocals.

Zero’s Inspired Empowering Pop 💪

We are already at the end of this week’s update! We close with ‘She Don’t Care’ by Marcus Smith. The American musician just released a new track, which is up-tempo, danceable and very strong. With some rap elements and interesting samples, it creates a nice layered soundscape.

Marcus Smith is a singer, songwriter and rapper born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He has been in the music industry for a long time already. With 15 years of experience in bands, he is now making his way in the music industry as a solo artist. In 2014 he released his first single, and now some years later he has found his own unique sound and is gaining more audience.

‘She Don’t Care’ is a lush track with elements of hip-hop, rock, pop and soul. It is a true blend of genres. The beat is compelling and makes you move on the rhythm. The powerful lyrics about a strong independent confident woman make you feel good. With UK-garage elements and a lot of funk, Marcus Smith knows how to intrigue the audience.

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