BASS BUNKER playlist bringing you nothing but filth

No time to waste: let’s get dirty! Here are some of our favourite bass-heavy tracks from our latest BASS BUNKER playlist update. Just in time for the weekend! πŸ”₯

Dirty basslines and filthy stabs from Empher πŸ’€

Pin your ears back to the sweet sounds of this thematic song by a renowned Spanish producer. Empher is a music producer who has been releasing hit song after hit song in the past couple of years.

His latest release is dubbed Blood and Bone and falls in the bass house genre. For this particular track, Empher formulated this song to reflect his personal side. A side that is not common to many, and he decided it is about time his fans got a glimpse of this. The producer has always been prone to apprehension and decided to joke about this situation by creating Blood and Bone. This track is under Dutch Diverge Records’ record label and seems to be doing rather well.

This new song is already enjoying support from mythical Record Label boss AC Slater, and it is currently being played in some of the biggest electronic music radio stations in the USA. Additionally, it is also available for streaming on Spotify and other platforms.

ABSTRKT XNOIS blesses the world with the first track from her unreleased album πŸ™Œ

ABSTRKT XNOIS is a Perth artist who knows no boundaries and transcends various disciplines. In her latest Dirty Beats, she defies the odds to create an exceptional track worthy of airplay across major radio stations. It is available on all music platforms, including YouTube, where you can watch the electrifying video.

On her official Facebook page, ABSTRKT XNOIS states that she was thrilled to work on a project with Sub Rosa Studio, which made this song a reality. Sony Music Entertainment has also been part of her journey while making her album “INNOMINATE.” She also states that she will be dropping a new track every few weeks to keep her fans entertained all day, every day.

You can hear a powerful bass guitar and a catchy melody that will keep you on your headphones every time in the song. This song falls under the dance/electronic music genre.

You will dig this track’s design and structure 😍

Have you listened to TATE SEDAR’s latest single? Well, if you have not, you are missing out on a lot. TATE SEDAR is a musician situated in Los Angeles. His latest release, called “All of your loving.”, could be considered a fusion between both rap and electronic music. As the title suggests, this track is all about matters of the heart. Additionally, the song’s structure, lyrics, and instrumentals have all been carefully curated and meticulously fused together to produce this masterpiece.

TATE SEDAR was not always in the electronic music scene. He was once doing hip hop but transitioned into electronic after rediscovering himself and realizing his true calling is in the electronic genre. Many of his fans have lauded his expertise and songwriting skills because his songs speak directly into the hearts and minds of his listeners.

If you have not already sampled this great tune, it is about time you did so. Stream this and other bass house songs on Spotify. Do not forget to follow TATE SEDAR on all social media platforms.

Experience some royal music with the King πŸ‘‘

King Kuggs is a rapper who reigns in the hip-hop genre. In his latest, release Day In Day Out! Which was produced by Skotskr; you can really feel the intensity of the instrumentals and the electrifying rap verses that will rock your earbuds straight into another dimension. This song was released in December 2021 and falls in the hip-hop and rap genre.

Fans who have left reviews on various streaming platforms indicate that this song is “hard” and crunchy at the same time. Another fan indicated hilariously, “I love it when you yell into my ears!” Indeed, this song is not only electrifying but also intense and will have you wanting more.

When you take a good listen, you can literally hear the drums in the background when he sings “day in and day out,” which will have you singing along because it has a lovely melody.
You can catch this in our powerful bass playlist on Spotify when you log onto the app. Also, follow King Kuggs on Instagram for the latest updates.

Everything about Bleaux is electrifying ⚑

Bleaux is a musical artist who has been in the game for quite a long minute. Because of his years being around in the scene he knows the ropes around hip-hop and rap. At the beginning of 2022, he unleashed an electrifying track that is doing really well and is loved by his fans and electronic music lovers.

Bleaux is from Nashville and started as an underground artist. He has gone on to take on the world and defy the odds as they appear. His latest release N.S.M.D.I. , which can be categorized in the hip-hop/rap genre, is proof enough of how good Bleaux really is.

When you use earphones or headphones, you will hear the drums, bass guitar and other elements completely blow your mind away. The song also has a great intro that is well versed. There is no dull moment with this artist or any of his art. Do not forget to listen to his music on Spotify. You may also share with friends who enjoy a great blend of hip-hop and electronic genres.

Get a load of this supergroup from London 🀩

NUZU is a group of talented artists based in London. If you do not already know them by now, you must be living in the Stone Age! That’s because they are largely known for their single Hazy, which was well accepted across Europe. A keen analysis of their style shows that they are into both quick-paced and lyrically complex songs that make them stand out from the crowd. Pipes is no different; it is a song with compressed energy and does not even last three minutes but will leave a lasting impression in the listener’s mind.

The song has a throbbing and pulsating vibe that is unique in its own way. As the vocals kick in, they are soft enough to make sure the background is still heard, as it is an essential component of this track. This song is proof enough of how good NUZU is and therefore how often they need to release music for their fans.

Pipes is a hip-hop song and is available on Spotify. Additionally, do not forget to stream this song in our bass playlist on Spotify.

Careful or you might catch fire πŸš’

King Kismet has just released a single dubbed Catching Fire. This title was not chosen by mistake; your ears might actually catch fire when you listen to this beautiful piece of art. The musical elements that are infused are not the only thing special about this track; the lyrics are also something out of this universe.

When you take a good listen, you can sense the loneliness and desperation of a broken heart. Most of his listeners can relate to this section because everyone has been heartbroken at least once in life. “Heart broke and the nights filled with nightmares” is the opening verse of this song. Therefore, get ready for an emotional rollercoaster when you finally stream this song and other dubstep genres on Spotify.

King Kismet is an EDM producer who is also a DJ. He specializes in melodic dubstep and is situated in Arizona. Most of his songs are know to involve topics like transformation or healing. Therefore, if you are yearning for something uplifting, follow him on Spotify and Instagram.

Wrapping up

Spotify is a great place to learn and discover both new artists and hot releases. Our Bass Bunker playlist is just a great spot to discover all that bass house, dubstep, drum and bass as well as any other bass music. Remember to check out the above artists for an unforgettable experience.

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