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Bass Playlist: new songs you don’t wanna miss!

Our Bass Bunker playlist has been updated! We have four new bangers for you, all very different and all very good. Listen to the songs in our Bass Bunker Playlist on Spotify, and let us know your thoughts!

A song that you Won’t Forget! 🤯

‘To The Edge’ is the new track of Curious Mind, consisting of both exhilarating drops and an uplifting beat. Curious Mind is a 19-year-old producer, who comes from the Netherlands.

Curious Mind started his music career in 2019. By this time, he was making hip-hop beats and finding his way in the music scene. Pretty quickly he found out that his heart was more in EDM music and switched in genres. Now he is an upcoming artist with amazing tracks.

One of those tracks is ‘To The Edge’. It explores the story of wanting someone so much that you “push it to the edge”. When you are so caught up in a relation or when you are totally hooked on a person that everything around you just fades away.

The song starts with a mesmerizing build up. The up-tempo beat is combined with relatable lyrics and big synths. The different electronic tones work perfectly together and make you feel good. altogether it makes a catchy and unforgettable song.

Dark Track with Rough Beats 🖤

Just out this Friday is the new track ‘Machines’ by XPQ-21! A mix of industrial sounds, cyber-goth as well as techno vibes come together in one song. ‘Machines’ is a metaphor for the time we are living in and the way we behave as humans.

XPQ-21 is coming back strong with this new original. By being not only an artist and producer but also a singer, he made his way in the underground music scene in the 90’s. Jeyênne is known as a techno raver and enfant terrible. With performances on MTV, Mayday, VIVA TV and more, he made quite a name for himself in the techno and house scenes.

Nowadays XPQ-21 switched to a more industrial and cyber punk genre. He uses a lot of electronic sounds as well as some deep vocals to spread his message through music. ‘Machines’ is a downtempo song with a lot of impact. The different layers are hypnotizing. Together with lyrics about our reality nowadays and how we are controlled by a totalitarian regime, the song wakes you up and puts life into a different perspective.

Big Bass Beats with a Clear-Cut Message 📣

‘Hollywood (How are you?)’ is a song with a clear message. Dak Holiday paints the scene, well known by a lot of famous musicians. What happens when someone gets famous? What is the dark side of this? With a lot of synth, he tells a rough story of becoming a Hollywood star.

Dak Holiday describes himself as a mix between 90’s grunge and 2000’s Punk together with modern electronic sounds and producing techniques. Dak is a singer, songwriter and producer. Influenced by big artists like Nirvana, Blink 182, SUM41 and Lil Peep.

‘Hollywood (How are you?)’ is actually the first release of Dak Holiday. Which makes it extra special in our Bass Bunker Spotify playlist. You can be one of the first listeners to this artist and his promising sounds.

The lyrics talk about the downside of the wish to be a Rockstar, the destructive lifestyle, alcoholism, drugs and the probability of dying young. The song was first written with the band Sertraline Smile but ended up being a collaboration with other artists like Que Violette, Alex Nam and 2Star.

Full on Bass sounds by Texture Pack 🔥

Texture Pack came out with a new anthem; ‘Sand’. The track consists of a fast beat combined with uplifting tones. It is a home production, made with a normal computer and synthesizer, which makes it even more impressive.

Texture Pack is a project of DJ Luj. DJ Luj just started producing under the name Texture Pack. With ‘Sand’ being one of the two songs that are out now. We feel it’s a great track and therefore we couldn’t leave it out this update.

‘Sand’ is a slow drum n bass tune. The tempo is still quite fast and has a dark yet mesmerizing tone to it. With electronic alienated beats you are drawn into the world of the song, where Ghetto vibes get to you. The song does not have vocals, but still tells you a story about the struggle of everyday life. Where you can feel good but always feel the problems breathing in your neck.

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