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Chill Music: From lo-fi to pop

Life should be chill, but sometimes this feels impossible. With the next five tracks you will relax and feel chill in no time again! Our chill music playlist on Spotify is perfect for studying or taking a breath and moment for yourself. The next songs cannot miss in such a list and we have already added them so you can easily listen to chill tracks.

Calm Down with Wandour 💜

Firstly we discovered ‘Voyage to Afterlife’ by Wandour. Wandour is known for his musical journeys. His tunes take you on an outer world travel experience, in which you step out of your own reality. The song ‘Voyage to Afterlife’ is such a journey, in which you fully drift away and forge about daily life.

Wandour is inspired by urban facades and has a futuristic and cosmic sound. He wants to awaken the subconscious of the listener with his rich music. He is a very creative artist who knows how to play with different tones and grasp the mind of the listener.

‘Voyage to Afterlife’ is a unique masterpiece on its own. It starts with light sounds that slowly build up into a steady beat. The indie-dance track is warm and surrounds you. With melodic house and a retro futuristic feeling, you get drawn into a different world. The electronic landscape consists of different alienated sounds that blend nicely together. Therefore it’s a great add to our chill music playlist.

Dreamy Electronic Vibes ⚡

‘Motel 6’ is an up-tempo song with soft vocals. The new track from Braulio Cruz is covered in synthesizers and has a calming beat. Besides the sounds, the song also has an interesting message which looks upon the dark side of America.

Braulio Cruz started as a singer and songwriter in 2016. He started off in a more acoustic setting but quickly changed to synths and electronical sounds. He figured that this fit him better and is now making his own electronical chill music. Influenced by artists like Ladytron, Madonna, Bjork, Mirwais, The Flaming Lips and Electric Light Orchestra, he makes atmospheric and poetic tracks.

With hints of dream-pop and a hypnotic and emotional vibe, he draws you into a nostalgic mood. The song is about the promises that America makes, like richness, fame and belonging. This story is inspired by Braulio’s own history as he migrated from Brazil to the United States when he was 6 years old. The track is intimate and distant at the same time, it is relatable but also far away from you.

Lo-Fi to Bring your Energy Down 😌

Every good chill music playlist consists of some lo-fi. Therefore, in our new update we have found a new lo-fi track for you guys.  ‘I Was A Little Past Sad’ by Hanover Park is a nice and calming lo-fi tune with warm sounds.

Hanover Park comes from Chicago, Illinois but is now based in Dallas. The American artists is influenced by other famous lo-fi musicians like Kokoro, Swørn and Xander. Hanover Park invites listener to look into their own past and emotions. He hopes that they can process everything that happen in live through his music.

‘I Was A Little Past Sad’ is a song for empathizers and sympathizers. Basically, for everyone who has experiences sad times by themselves or can relate to other people who experience sadness. It is a combination of piano tones, with synths and samples of bells. The track shows that today you might be past sadness but tomorrow will be closer to happiness.

Be Grateful for your past with Greg Bounce

Greg Bounce has dropped a new anthem called ‘Thank U’. The slow build up breaks down into nice vocal layers and a warm sound. With the percussive tones as well as the euphoric mood, this song is uplifting and heartfelt.

Greg Bounce is a Lisbon based artist, while the song itself was recorded in Manchester, and is meant as a message to anyone who has been in a relationship. It is about saying thanks to the person you were in a relationship with. You can look back and be grateful for the times you’ve shared and what the person meant to you.

With an almost mantra like vocal, telling you to say thank you, and a streamlined beat, ‘Thank U’ gets under your skin in a good way. It is both emotional and relatable with uplifts in sound and sentiment. The sub-bass and rhapsodic vibes come nicely together in a chill track that slows your heartbeat. Therefore this track is a great addition to the playlist.

Powerful yet Chill tune 💪

The last song of this week’s update is ‘Call You Out’ by Jaayns. The track is powerful and hypnotic. Jaayns comes with a clear-cut message about life and tells a story about a manipulative relationship and the moment of breaking free.

Jaayns is an artist from the U.K., her music is melodic and driven by electronical beats. The alternative electro-pop is compelling and gets stuck in your head. You can hear back influences by artists like Bjork, Bonobo, Banks and St. Vincent.

‘Call You Out’ focusses on breaking the chains of an unhealthy relationship. It tells the story of someone who is able to call the other person out and stop the manipulating. Even when you cannot quite imagine how it ended up this way, you can still break free and see life clearly again.

With hypnotic vocals and spiraling sounds, the song is both emotional and strong. The driven beats are covered in synths and combined with a nice vocal journey.

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