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Chill Songs to Sooth your Soul

It is important to take some time to relax. We are living fast lives in a demanding world, which can sometimes feel suffocating. Therefore, we have some updates on our chill songs Playlist on Spotify. With these songs you can do whatever you were going to do in your life, but more chilled. Some songs are more complex and attractive, others more light which brings you in a good mood. Overall, we have some new chill songs for you. They are already in our playlist and down below you can read our thoughts!

Let the Warm Tones Caress you ✨

Our first update is the new single of Colin Stauber: ‘Part Of Me’. The song starts with a strong rhythm and electronical synth. Followed by vocals and piano tunes, the song builds up to a super cozy and chill vibe.

Colin Stauber is a musician from Southern California. He discovered the healing power that music can have through an accident. This power is something he now puts into his own songs, to inspire and heal people. Stauber tries to help individuals reflect and grow in their lives.

Colin Stauber is becoming bigger and bigger in the scene. Not only is he composing music for Red Bull; he is also featured on the news and various media platforms. He has charted top 10’s in alternative music and works his way up in the artistic world.

‘Part Of Me’ is a slow and relaxed song that gives comfort. With this comfort one can really feel the power of music. Music is able to bring people to better places, physically and mentally. When you are stressed, feeling down or even anxious, ‘Part Of Me’ can help you relax and gain back power in your life. With warm tones and deep sounds you will feel the embracement of the music.

Comforting Melancholic Vibes 😌

Nice vocals combined with slow tunes is what you hear when listening to ‘always.’ by Gavin McGee. The new track of the singer, producer and songwriter will calm every nerve in your body. McGee makes songs together with his brother Trevor McGee and neighbor Camron Lawrence. The close relationship between the three creates music that is true to the heart.

Gavin McGee has been writing songs ever since he was a kid. Nowadays he also sings, plays the keys and guitar and produces tracks. His brother joins him on the guitar tones and Lawrence has a lot of different input as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Even though the group is living in different states, they are still able to work together, through facetime and by sending each other samples.

‘always.’ Is the latest song of Gavin McGee. The track is about past memories. With some mellow and melancholic tunes, you get reminded of good times. The memories of the past can keep you grounded as McGee puts it. The slow and calming rhythm feels like a warm ocean of soundwaves. Together with embracing lyrics you drift away in it.

Dive into a World of Sounds With S.A.A.R.A 🌍

we continue with the upbeat chill tune ‘Deliverance’. This funky track is upbeat and happy. The softness of the tones is super chill and put you in a relaxed mood. The artist of this song is S.A.A.R.A. She is very talented and found her own sound in music. S.A.A.R.A started off as a bass player but soon grew out to be a multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Born in London probably gave her the room and opportunities to evolve in music. With amazing songs and interesting soundwaves, she creates her own trademark. S.A.A.R.A has also been involved in different projects, like Ash Walker, City Lights, Ezra Bang and Hot Machine and Westerman. All the projects have different genres, from garage rock to trip-hop and alt-pop which shows how diverse the artist is.

In her song ‘Deliverance’ she mainly takes on a funkier approach. With hints of both Indie and EDM she brings a lively and energetic vibe to the track. The high and dreamy vocals lead you through a musical landscape of bass, flute tones and electronical sounds.  

Complex Melodies combined in a Chill Song 💜

The band High Water Bridge is surprising us once again with a new track. The dark tones and upbeat grooves of “Format Mind’ are something on their own. High Water Bridge makes complicated and deeply layered songs, in which complex melodies work together with intriguing vocals.

High Water Bridge is a band consisting of five persons: Kendal Beadon (vocals, bass, keyboards and samples), Nick Erasmus (drums), Jason King (keyboard and samples), Alex Kromhout (vocals and bass), Nelis van Tonder (guitar). They are all from South Africa, where they would have late night jams, which grew into an official band in 2017.

High Water Bridge makes spectral/ psychedelic rock with a hint of garage rock. In ‘Format Mind’ this is combined with tones of trip-hop and dub. The electronical landscape of the song is supported by almost cult like chanting and distinct vocals. The dark lyrics fit well in the overall ambience of the song. With a lot of samples, synth and musical instruments they take you on their unique journey through sounds.

Feel the Summer Breese with Electronical Reggae 🤴

Prince Joely is known to produce chill songs in which he combines different styles and genres. No wonder that we put his latest single in the chill songs playlist! The single ‘Enjoy Your Life’ just came out and is perfect for a chill evening, background music while studying or any other moment that asks for some relaxed tunes.

Joel Rasmussen is the artist behind Prince Joely. With his songwriter and producer skills he knows how to make a unique and beautiful sound. In ‘Enjoy Your life’ he combines classic reggae with electronical tones. Overall, this is the least esoteric release of the artist so far, but that does not make it less interesting. It has an amazing vibe and rhythm.

The new feel-good song is really warming your heart. With springy guitars and different electronic samples, this song takes you away to an island. While listening you can see yourself sitting on warm beaches with palm trees. There is no better way to relax and drift away into summer vibes.

A Complex Sound that Creates a World on its Own 🔮

‘Who ARE You, Even?’ is the new track by Sophrosyne. It is part of his fourth album, which consists of 11 tracks. The person behind Sophrosyne is Jason Van Pelt. He creates chill songs with deep sounds together with interesting tunes.

The songs ‘Who ARE You, Even?’ is a psychedelic journey on its own. In general, the artist focusses on balance and introspection, which is also visible in this track. With extensive layers and attractive beats, the song will hold you and not let go.

Sophrosyne is influenced a lot by electronical music from the 90’s and the 00’s. Together with inspiration from instrumental hip-hop, this forms the basis of his tracks. He is already making music for a long time, which gave him the change to develop to the artist he is now. In 1996 the alter ego Sophrosyne has been born into the musical world. ‘Who ARE You, Even?’ uses a lot of different tones and instruments. With hints of percussion and a full landscape of synth, you are drawn into the song. It has a relatively slow and warm rhythm that almost makes you detach from your body. Therefore it’s a great addition to our chill vibes playlist.

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