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Chill Tones for Chill Settings 💜

This week’s update consists of five amazing new tracks with chill tones! The focus of most songs is a bit darker and edgier, with some exceptions. We found the newest calm and flowy beats for you guys. So, sit back and relax with some songs that will definitely slow your mind and body!

Dive into a Captivating Soundscape 🌄

We start the chill vibes of this week off with Al Mur. The American artist has a new track called ‘Duende’. A relaxed tune that is a mix between electronical music and acoustic saxophone samples.

‘Duende’ is a song about love and passion. The track energizes your soul with warm tones and a slow melody. The idea for the track comes from the artist’s wife. His wife has made an oil painting that represents a flamenco dancer. The flamenco is a dance as well as a music genre.

Al Mur is influenced by composers like List and Mussorgsky. His interests range from classic rock to disco or even instrumental hip-hop. Which makes that Al Mur is able to create his own unique sound, not bound by the limits of defined genres.

The track ‘Duende’ is a home recording that speaks to your heart. With an exotic beat and trance like rhythm It calms you down and brings you in a good mood. You can listen to it now in our playlist with chill tones Playlist on Spotify!

Mystical and Introspective sounds by Maury111 ✨

‘Indisla’ is the new track of Maury111 is dark and dreamy at the same time. A slow beat with deep bass tones sets the edgy mood. Together with high pitched vocals emerges a landscape full of bionic and electronic sounds.

Maury 111 is an artist born in Paris, France. Now residing in Berlin, they make neo-pop sounds with introspective moods. The musician is very talented, both as a vocalist and a composer. Most of the tracks are calming and luring you into the realm that Maury111 creates with his mystical tones.

‘Indisla’ is just such a track. The alienated electronical sounds are compelling and intriguing, followed by dreamy and transcendental vocal sounds. The landscape of sounds consists of deep synthetic layers mixed with an electronical beat.

While listening to the song, the listener gets a closer look inside their own feelings. The song works like a dark room in which you have no distractions but your own emotions. Therefore, the listener is able to fully calm down and become chill.

Let the Darkness take over with 11 Shades of White 🌑

’11 Shades Of White’ is one of the new songs by Bloomfield Machine. With an un-soothing glitch and calm melody, the track triggers you in a good way. It is a compelling track that is super unique and authentic.

Bloomfield Machine is the musical alter ego of Brian Kassan. He uses his producing techniques as an “creative outlet for his instrumental leanings”. Bloomfield Machine is influenced by artists like Depeche Mode, Tobacco, Tycho, Peter Gabriel, New order and many more.

The tracks of Bloomfield Machine are home recordings, but he is also a live performer. Whenever he has a life event, he performs together with a drummer. In this way the music gets a deeper and more energetic vibe, which works well with the crowd.

’11 Shades Of White’ is dark but mesmerizing. Through its melodies it brings you is a dreamlike state. Since the song is fully instrumental, the feeling behind it is mostly up to the listener. They can make their own interpretation and have their own feelings with the track.

Lo-Fi Beats from Tokyo 🗼

Alec Shea came out with a new album titled Plane Prepared Vinyl Past. The album consists of songs that all have their different ambience. The ambiences and songs are inspired by Japanese cafes. One of the songs which we will highlight today is ‘Shibuya Coffee Shop in the Evening’.

The track is a classical lo-fi tune. With slow beats and piano jazz, the song lets you drift away to Japan. It takes you through a dim café in Tokyo, where you can almost see yourself sitting at a table, enjoying your warm tea and relaxing.

Alec Shea is an Australian artist who currently lives in Japan. Here he finds inspiration for his calming beats and electronical music. Alec grew up with classical music, which still influences him as of today. With both a warm piano and dreamy synths, he takes you to a better place.

The song has a feel-good mood and is perfect on a rainy day, while studying or just as background music when you are chilling with some friends.

Hypnotizing Vocals by THE RIVER 😵

We end this week’s update with the female artist THE RIVER. She is a rising artists that cannot be excluded in a good chill tones playlist. Her track ‘Tick Tock (Lead a life I love)’ is chill and relaxing with a powerful message.

‘Tick Tock (Lead a life I love)’ is inspired by the finite time we have as humans. We can get so caught up in the fragileness of life, that we want to use every second in the best way possible. This brings a lot of positive things but is also a toxic mindset. In het track ‘Tick Tock (Lead a life I love)’, she describes this phenomenon.

THE RIVER is an American artist from Denver, Colorado. She started her music career back in the early days in a marching band. Later on, her poetry grew into rap. Nowadays she is able to capture the listeners with expressive lyricism and wicked beats. THE RIVER’s songs are inspiring and empowering and therefore are great add to the playlist.

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