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Chill Vibes Playlist: Amazing Tracks for Your Laidback Moments!

We have an update for you! We are very happy to introduce you to some new songs. These five tracks are not only nice to listen to, but they are also super chill. Thus, perfect in the playlist with chill vibes.

The last song aired last Friday on Spotify, so you can directly listen to all of them! Be quick to check the music out and let us know your thoughts.

Peaceful Piano with a Melancholic Touch ✨

The new song of Rosehip just aired yesterday on Spotify! The track ‘Twilight’ makes us remember why we love lo-fi again! The song is written by the London based artist Rosehip. The chilled beats from the tune fit perfectly with the rest of the new album called ‘Stargaze’.

The inspiration for the song came largely from a poem with the similar name by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The poem was written in 1850 and talks about a stormy seashore seen from a safe cabin. Rosehip tried to embody this feeling in a song. It is about the comfort one can feel even when surrounded by angst.

The enchanting and ethereal sounds make up a complex song with lots of different layers. The layers come together in a sound of the universe. Even though complex, the whole makes so much sense. The easy lyrics really give you the honest and chill lo-fi vibe. Therefore this track couldn’t be left out of our chill vibes playlist.

Indie Upbeat Tones that Hypnotize 💫

A.b. Violet is an artist influenced by general house music, London Grammar, Caribou, Massive Attack and Bombay Bicycle Club. She has always had a focus on music. She has studied equality, diversity and inclusion within music education. A super interesting and important degree in music research.

Previously she made more dreamy and ethereal music. With her comeback ‘So Lonely’ se makes a new impression in the music industry. The dreamy vibes are still there but are fading to the background. The main vibe is electronic house with a hint of indie.

The tune So Lonely is mind blowing. It is a home production from outstanding quality. With a lot of vocal layers, she makes us drift away in ecstasy. The different tones make an in-depth core of the tune. Out of this core rise an upbeat melody, which somehow still relaxes you.

The song is a reflection of loneliness. A problem that a lot of people struggle with. Even if you are not alone you might be lonely. This song has exactly that feeling. It is as if you are dancing in a crowded place will feeling all by yourself. Just what we need in a playlist with chill vibes.

Drift Away with Blake Wisner 😌

Blake Wisner is the singer of the new track ‘Moodlighting’. Together with the producer HUBSTCY he made this song. They found each other through mutual friends and started working together on this banger. The home production was recorded at Blake’s place and put together afterwards in the home of HUBSTCY.

Moodlighting consists of two very different elements. On one hand there is the sexy notion in different sounds. Electronic soundwaves combined together with the pop tunes that give a sensual vibe. On the other hand, there is sadness. If you listen to the lyrics you will feel the tragic emotions. The song is about a love relationship that does not work out. On top of that it also focusses on being stuck in a loop of pain and desire.

Overall, the song brings you in a chill mood. The song starts calm and simple with both relaxing tones and an easy beat. Further in the music there is a build up into warmer tones that surround you as a hug.

A Beautiful Electronical Song with Hints of Spring 🌻

Les Folies is a Cinematic pop song by Julian Petrin. The German Italian composer and artist likes to combine both classical vibes and pop tunes. With his neo-classical background he made Les Folies an ambient and downtempo song. Perfect for both chilling and high focus moments.

Petrin created rich music in the past 30 years. At this moment he is re-editing, remixing and publishing old songs. With new uses of synth, he puts himself back on the market. This is also the case for Les Folies.

The high tones bring hints of light into your imagination. It can make you feel yourself floating on a slow and relaxing ocean of sound. The song is truly one that you do not want to miss out on. Whether you use it in your studying playlist, listen to it on Spotify when chilling, or hear it in a club with friends; it is a perfect mixture of sounds blending in together.

Let These Deep Chill Vibes Take Control Over You 🌊

The deep tribal sound of the track Like an Eagle will never let you go! ‘Like an Eagle’ is a new track by Heather Christie, and it’s one of the three songs on her new EDM EP ‘Culminate’. The EP is a tribute to the birth of both her child and her label Möonbabe Records. The release on the first full moon of 2022 makes the songs extra special.

You can truly feel the chill beats take over your body. With both immense power and strong electronical beats, you are fully hypnotized. There is a soft and chill ambiance throughout the whole song and the vocals contain a lot of soul. The spellbinding effect of the vocal sounds and the lyrics surround you during the whole song. Go on a dance journey and check out the song and the rest of culminate now on Spotify!

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