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This week we are combining two of our favorite playlists into one update! The Bass Bunkers playlist and the Club Sound playlist are put together into one big bowl of music. Mostly focusing on darker, electronical sounds, but also having some tracks that are more poppy and funkier, this update has got everything for anyone who loves danceable tracks. Whether you want to move in an intense and rough way to deep house or techno, or like to move in a soulful way, we got you! Quickly read all about the newest tracks in this article, and listen to the tunes on our Spotify Playlists!

Mesmerizing Underground Track 🙌

We start straight off with a rhythmic banger. ‘LVS’ is a track by GLORIA. The electronic beats form a landscape that blends into the techno genre, with slow and deep vocals the club vibes come to life.

GLORIA is a genre bending artist, based in Hungary. Budapest is the city for both techno and club inspiration. With its exploding night life and artistic musical underground, it is home to some of the best musicians, like GLORIA.

The track explores the story of having to live in a certain way. GLORIA is interested in exploring subjects like capitalism, some hate it, some love it, but we are all part of the system. In this way, her music bonds us all. With metamodern tones and innovative lyrics she captures you.

The f will give you the feeling as if you are already standing in a dark club with laser lights. It makes you move. LVS is inspired by David Bowie. To give the song more strength, she also made another version of it. Both of them resemble two sides of the same coin.

Let ‘Feelings’ lure you in ✨

Chris Caulfield has a new track, called ‘Feelings’. The track is in general a slow one that has a story to tell. The Stonebridge remix gives his song more power and gives it an absolute club sound.

The Indie Anthem Remix of ‘Feelings’ is up-tempo and has an electronical poppy beat. Chris Caulfield is an artist from Toronto, Canada. He combines hip-hop with lo-fi and alternative rock. With his inspiring and original lyrics, he knows how to get the people to listen.

The remix combines the haunting melodies with danceable tones. It has a nice build up, explosive drops and a wide vocal range. Stonebridge, a Swedish DJ and producer gave the song ‘Feelings’ an interesting twist. The man behind Stonebridge is Sten Hällstrom, he put some extra energy into an already very alive track.

The remix gives the daunting more emotional track a happy mood. It has a groovy tune and works well with the vocals of Chris Caulfield. Perfect for a club moment or just any party feeling.

Music That Moves You 🕺

This Club Sound and Bass Bunkers update is obviously all about underground and club worthy music. Therefore, we have another insane banger for you guys: ‘John Wayne by Dyce. The track is filled with different rhythms that form a nice and danceable blend.

Dyce is the alter-ego of Brandon Regan. Brandon is a producer of up-tempo electronical music. His main influences are artists like Malaa, Tchami, Drezo, Bijou and Dr Fresch. Dyce is based in California and records his music in his own bedroom. He mixes Bass House with Tech and G house.

The song is an experiment with new synths and different tones. The upcoming artist is unstoppable, and his music is too! The rhythmic vocals combined with electronical build ups are captivating and run through your veins. I dare you to not move will listening to it, let’s see how long you will last!

Catchy soundwaves by Alexndr Luna 🌊

‘Quite Hard’ is the latest track by Alexndr Luna. This bass driven track has funky tones and a good beat. The song starts with a soft build up, that almost sounds like you’re under water. Fastly the beat comes in and gives a rhythmic vibe.

Alexndr Luna is a producer and songwriter, born and based in South California, Los Angeles County. A fun fact is that he also plays piano. Alexndr has been making music for a little over 5 years. What started off on SoundCloud now made its way to the streaming platforms. Influenced by different artists like Pharrell Williams, Justice and old soul music, his songs combine different genres.

‘Quite Hard’ is made in his home studio in the garage. It is funky and mixes hip-hop with interesting sound samples. He uses sounds of scratching DJ’s, MC’s and electronical tones. All this together gives the track an edgy vibe.

A Futuristic Journey into Space 🌌

DJN, also known as Daverage J. Normal, takes you on a journey with spacy house. ‘Incredulous’ is the new track of DJN. It starts off with alienated sounds, which are followed by a dark and mechanical beat. With a real underground feeling and a dark vibe, it fits perfectly in our Club Sound and Bass bunker playlists.

DJN has been sober for at least 126 days, which seems quite an accomplishment. The London based artist is a producer and bassist. If you ask him where his influence comes from, he passionately replies with Boots and Cats! Apart from that there is also some gnarly synth that influences him.

The message of this track is that we sometimes cannot get the facts across, no matter how hard we try. The retro wave and cyberpunk sounds form a nice blend together. The dark and earie feeling of this track will get stuck in your head. His music is on the opposite side of his artistic name, far from average or normal, but closer to captivating and driven.

A Biscuit Party that gets you Wild 🤪

Starting with the voice of a child, this song will surprise you. The voice is vastly interrupted with super hypnotic and interesting vocal sounds. The sounds are confusing but tempting you to move. ‘Name Five Things’ will definitely get under your skin and take you on a musical journey.

The May is a promising artist who loves to experiment. His experiments are an adventure. The combination of dimensive techno, good beats and inventive samples gets you wild. The track ‘Name Five Things’ was recorded in Abbey Road Studios, The May’s home studio. Which is obviously an ironic choice.

The main voice tells you to name five things, then four, then three etc. This is a known method to use when you are having a panic attack or feel like leaving your body. Together with the distorting music, this fits in the anxious and hectic vibe.

The fascination for things that sound like voices becomes clear in ‘Name Five Things’. The Oxford based artist was able to make a track of experimental sounds. An absolute bonkers tune with danceable beats.

Glass Lord brings a Destiny’s Child Tribute

This week we will end with a less underground, groovier track. Nowadays it is quite popular to remake older songs, Glass Lord did just that. ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child gets a new vibe. The song will take you back to past memories with catchy vocals and an amazing beat.

Glass Lord makes you dance on soulful music with a pumping groove. The trio of artists is based in Los Angeles. They get influenced by artist like Daft Punk and Disclosure. Combining dance elements with a deep bass and vocals that poor soul into your body.

‘Say My Name’ is a modern take on the early 2000’s. It is paying respect to music from the zero’s and brings new life to the catchy tunes. In full honesty, while writing this article, I am shamelessly and happily moving my body on the grooves.

It is not so much a dark banger, but definitely a club tune. You will want to put in endlessly on repeat and sing along on the top of your lungs.

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