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Club Music for the Weekends

Whether you are looking for a night out, a home party or just some good up-tempo music; we got you! Our club music playlist on Spotify is filled with great songs that will get you in a dance/party mood. To keep the playlist up to date, we have a few new songs for you. They just came out and are already in the playlist, so check them out!

Groovy mix between House and Techno 🕺

We start off with Matty Innocent, who is well known in the techno and house scene. His new tune ‘Crazy’ is a good mix of uplifting vibes and danceable beats. The voice sings about current times in which everything is uncertain.

Matty Innocent takes his inspiration from artists like the Chemical Brothers, Lee Pennington and Lee Walker. He came into the music scene in the 90’s, and with a lot of experience and good music he became pretty popular. He is a DJ as well as a producer, Matty has been DJ-ing on big events for 25 years now.

‘Crazy’ starts off with a strong driven beat and techno vibe. Later in the song, light tones join the scene. Overall, it is a crossover between house and techno. The lyrics focus on life right now, with the pandemic, vaccination process and everything. It is about the anxiety that comes with it and feeling crazy for having darker thoughts about the situation. ‘Crazy’ has a lot of groove and is perfectly capable of getting you to the dance floor.

Let the Warm Percussions move your body 🥁

‘Mosquito Tweeter’ is the new exotic track by Shafkkat. With a deep and soulful voice, you are guided to a landscape of danceable tones. Shafkkat is known for his danceable music, which this song proves once more.

Shafkkat is the alter-ego of Taz Hussain. He is a musician based in London. Taz is raised by an Italian mother and an English/Indian father. However, even with a mixed cultural background, he takes his inspiration mainly from London itself. In the noise of the city, he finds his own unique sound.

Shafkkat is making a wide range of music, all electronic though. With a lot of different vibes and fitting into different genres. However, he is best known for his funky EDM tracks.

The track ‘Mosquito Tweeter’ fits well in the old-school dance era. The timeless techniques combined with modern EDM makes for a promising track. With warm percussions, a thumping groove and a mesmerizing voice you get super motivated to start dancing on the steady beat.

Go on a Journey with a Groovy Bassline 🧳

‘Praha’ starts of rather slow. It has a more acoustic touch and some city samples in the background. If you keep on listening though, the song will explode into an electronical burst of sound. With a steady beat and uplifting tones, it takes you on a journey.

The track is about the city Prague (In Czech Praha) and is meant as a tribute to the city. The song actually tells you a story of a specific man in Prague. It starts in the inner streets of the city, where a street musician is making music on his guitar, hoping to earn enough money to get through the day. At some point he goes fully up in his own music and the explosion of sound appears. In this moment he opens his eyes and finds himself in a beautiful ballroom of the city.

The story is influencing the music a lot, and you can hear every transition moment. DoosC is known for creating beautiful musical journeys that take the listener somewhere else. He is a Luxembourg based artist, who believes that music is the universal language of humanity. Therefore this track is an inspiring add to our club playlist.

Harmonic Techno that Hypnotizes you 😵

DJ Andy de Gage’ came out with a new techno track! ‘Tokyo’ is a tune with melodic techno and a steady well danceable beat. Since DJ Andy de Gage’ has been interested in music for all his life, he knows how to create well producer, engaging tracks.

The German artists DJ Andy de Gage’ has been into music from a young age. As a young boy he used to be interested in disco of the 70’s. Later on, he moved as a break-dancer to big names. DJ Andy de Gage’ started producing techno music in 2015, as a hobby for himself. In 2019 however, he became so popular that he had his first publication.

His latest single ‘Tokyo’ is inspired by synth pop from the 80’s. The melodic techno gets you into a trance and makes you move on the beat. With an interesting landscape of synths and electronical sounds, the song is hypnotic and will therefore take over your body. A legit add to our playlist with the hottest club music.

Run away with Ben Alexander 🏃‍♂️

The Norwegian artist Ben Alexander produced a new track called ‘Run Away’. ‘Run Away’ is a song with a warm color and nice melodies. The electronic pop song is a perfect example of a club song that you can listen to in a dark room filled with people as well as in your room, having some drinks with friends.

Ben Alexander is a musician at its fullest. He is a composer as well as producer and singer. Alexander takes inspiration from artists like Tame Impala, Royksopp and Rufus du Sol. With his experimental style he creates groovy tunes that have a lot of potential.

The new track ‘Run Away’ could blow up fast. The song has a lot of potential and is worth listening. With a catchy tune as well as a melodic vibe, the high tempo gets you in a party mood. The heavy bass line combined with light and uplifting vocals, makes for a perfect danceable combination.

Tropical Uplifting House by Ozz Gold 🌴

Ozz Gold makes nice EDM and house tracks that gets crowds moving. ‘Unknown’ is both an up-tempo and uplifting track that you will put on repeat all day long.

‘Unknown’ is about Ozz Gold’s own journey in the music industry. The music world can be difficult and rough; besides you never really know what to expect. Ozz Gold literally took a dive into the unknown, and this song describes that feeling. Filled with questions but at the same time it is an exciting adventure.

Ozz Gold has a unique background that you don’t see in a lot of musicians. He works simultaneously in music as in the military of the United States. He is now based in Las Vegas. His unexpected and maybe unconventional background makes it possible for him to create his own sound. Inspired by artists like Kygo and Alesso.

‘Unknown’ is uplifting and up-tempo. The track comes with high vocals as well as a lot of electronic energy. The track contains several drops that are well placed and create a true sound explosion. Therefore it’s a great add to our club music playlist.

Free Yourself and Dance 💃

The last update of this week’s club music playlist is ‘Free Yourself’ by dzill and Caroline Trugman. The song has a good vibe and inspiring message. It tells you to let go and have fun. Exactly the mood you need for a good club night.

dzill is known for his unique dance hits. He is one of the premiere DJ’s in the NYC nightlife. Based just outside of New York, he has played multiple notable gigs in the big apple. dzill gets support from well-known artists like Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Sam Feldt and many more. He is an experienced multi-instrumentalist that is making his name in the music industry.

‘Free Yourself’ is a feel-good EDM track with classic house elements. The piano tones form the basis for the beat. Together with luscious vocals, sang by Caroline Trugman, the song is inspiring and energetic. The up-tempo beat will definitely cause your body to move.

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