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Club Sounds: Club Songs that will make you Dance

Cannot wait until the festival season starts again? Or just want to dance in a cool club all night long? We got you! To get you already in this mood, we have updated our Club Sounds Playlist with some new and fresh club music. We have four EDM / house tracks that will make your body move.

Never Stop Dancing! πŸ’ƒ

The first new song in our club music Playlist is “Dancing Here Always”. This electro pop single by Sol Arctica lifts you up and makes your body groove on the beat. The song is a fusion of both different sounds and genres. It combines soul vibes nicely together with a vintage synth sound.

The artist behind Sol Arctica is Chris Lugton, a musician based in Melbourne. The embodiment of Sol Arctica was born in 2019 and is now making a rise in the scene. The vocals are recorded by a good friend of Chris. Caterina Branca is a Jazz-Soul singer and gave an amazing touch to the song, and the saxophone tunes are played by Shaun Fogarty.

In his songs Sol Arctica goes on an experimental and instrumental journey. “Dancing Here Always” has a lot of different layers and inventive sounds. The soul takes you back in time while the lifting pop tunes feel futuristic almost. Get into the dance vibe with this song in our playlist on Spotify!

Addictive EDM song that makes you want that Party πŸŽ‰

Anita Traci is a super talented artist; her new song proves this even more. The track “Holding On (Yeah Yeah)” just came out and blows our minds. In the beginning it was meant to be more in the genre of blues, during the production however it turned out to be more cheerful.

The artist takes a lot of inspiration from music she grew up with. Since she was young in the 80s, she has grown up with bands like Bauhaus, Christian Death, Virgin Prunes and Killing Joke. She also had a heavy metal and desert rock phase. This broad variety makes her unconventional and trying out new and amazing sounds.

“Holding On” is an instrumental track inspired by love. For Anita it became clear that love is a living being, a creature that does not follow your wants and needs but has its own agenda. Drifting away in this idea with an up-tempo beat makes you want to dance. A big ocean of different synth soundwaves and a lot of crazy grooves.

Fast Forward to Summer with Nightingale β˜€

Nightingale came out with his new single “Vermillion”. It is the first track in 2022 of the artist from Melbourne. Vermillion focusses on youthful energy that the summer brings. It brings you into happy vibes with both the upbeat rhythm and the electronic tones.

Nightingale is the artistic project of producer and singer-songwriter Esmond Angeles. He makes refreshing songs that inspire our individual and collective lives. They are very relatable and addictive.

The song “Vermillion” is for sure one of these addictive tunes because in our opinion you will want to put it on repeat. A textured base is created with instruments like the piano, percussion and guitar. Together with synth pads and nostalgic vocals the song makes you think of previous summer. This reflective vibe gets you enthusiastic for the next summer and all the adventures it may bring. The song is also super lively and uplifting. It gets you in a good mood whatever your previous feelings where. It makes you want to dance on the streets and have fun with friends.

Dive into Suburban Psychedelica πŸŒ†

Nickelson came out with a new track in February 2022. The song “Hold Me Down” is an interesting mix between both a modern EDM sound and the summery sounds of a saxophone. The artists played with a lot of different tones and sounds, breaking the boundaries of what is possible.

Nickelson is an EDM artist that become more and more well-known every day. By delivering psychedelic undertones in a suburban disguise, he makes very danceable tracks. Nickelson has been influenced by different important artists like Fleetwood Mac, Beta Band, Beastie Boys and Talking Heads. The song “Hold Me Down” also has a beautiful played sax in it which is provided by Xola.

With a deep bass and funky tunes, the song gives you energy. Altogether you could say that there is a general flow in all the sounds, which brings the different synthetic layers together. This dance house track cannot be missed on any Dance playlist and therefore you can find it now in our Spotify Dance Vibes list.

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