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CLUB SOUNDS playlist – hottest groovers right now

We sourced some of the hottest club tracks around the world for you again, with these as the tracks that surprised us the most. Let’s check out the hottest from the CLUB SOUNDS playlist this week 💃.

Get blown away by the instrumentals of Serenity 🤯

Deorbiting is the mastermind behind this beautiful piece of art. They named this song “Serenity” because it is all that and more. This song has a melodic chorus and is accompanied by the instrumental sounds that make it a club hit. Generally, it is a great song to listen to at any time.

This song’s genre is melodic house and techno. It was released in December last year and has gone on to do pretty well. It is available on many streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. In their own words, Deorbiting stated that they initially wrote this song as a light-hearted and slightly melancholic track.

However, when HRRSN wrote his vocal performance, this track transformed into a deeply emotional and intimate expression of the bipolarity of self-doubt. However, when you take a deep listen, you will find out that the song is more about finding love even in the face of self-doubt.

Deorbiting is an electronic space house live act collective who are situated in Berlin. You can follow them across all social media platforms to get notified whenever they release something new.

You will not stop grooving to the sound of TONYC ☀

TONYC is a club music producer and DJ who is based in Germany. This release is titled “Sun Is Shinin'”, and it was released in January 2022. The song’s genre mainly falls in the electronic domain. Upon a quick listen, the song has lots of positivity in it. Furthermore, the groove will almost immediately immerse you in an electric mood, which is then amplified by the synthetic rhythmic texture that is persistent till the end.

The chorus is also something else, “Sun is shining, weather is sweet” are the main words, which are all the more melodious and will make the listener feel happy and cheery.

This song also has out-of-this-world saxophone improvisations. TONYC definitely knew how to craft this song into a masterpiece. The saxophone melodies facilitate a certain depth to the song that keeps the pace going. It is also noted that there is heavy use of syncopated vocal chops that keep the listener captivated and yearning for more action from TONYC. Conversely, there is not a dull moment when you listen to this song. The tempo has also been carefully picked since it is not too slow or too fast.

Listen to this deep-tech groover that will make you wear your dancing shoes 🕺

BRUVS is the artist behind “Gliese”. They categorize this song as heavy tech house-inspired. Therefore, it is safe to say this club music falls under the house domain. BRUVS are two brothers based in Los Angeles, where they were born and bred. Their names are Connor and Logan. Currently, they describe their style as trippy, groovy, and pleasurable.

“Gliese” is a track with intensive dynamics and a unique melodic line design. This song is mainly about the melancholic synth layers and house-inspired groove when dissected. When creating music, the two brothers are all about creating a genuine vibe in the studio, and you can feel this in their music.

This vibe is drawn from the friendship and energy these two brothers share both off and on the stage. This particular track is all about connecting with all the elements of the universe. You can stream this song on Spotify and other licensed platforms.

Sing along and dance to these Italian vibes 😍

GIANGEE, whose real name is Gianluca Comploj, is an Italian Dj currently situated in South Tyrol. He only recently released his single titled “Cherie Sammer”, and this is a track that is sure to keep you on your feet dancing. The composition has lots of great subtle features that are carefully curated into the subgenres.

This song has the makings of a house genre track. When you listen, you will hear a tale of inspiration and ecstasy. GIANGEE carefully uses the guitar melody together with other improvisations to create a melodically rich rhythm.

When GIANGEE finally reaches the climax, this further puts you in another dimension because he creates a trance-like realm that is very impactful. The guitar melody also makes some sections of the track more powerful when the repeating passages happen.

Do not just read this; get to experience this track first hand on Spotify.

Relax, unwind and discover your inner Shine ✨

Obsidian Cane is a music producer situated in London. Following from his debut when he released an EP named “Reset”, this music producer has not stopped there. He resumes his journey with another EP called “Reset II”, available on all DSPs. This latest EP has three singles, among them “Shine” which is in the Indie Dance genre.

Ferraz was featured on this track for her singing and songwriting prowess. She graces this track with her sugary soulful vocal performance. Ferraz brings the versatility of sweet and soulful vocals that blow the listeners’ brains right off.

Before producing this banger, Obsidian Cane has produced various songs for artists signed under Warner Bros as well as producing music for renowned TV shows across London.

Show him some love by streaming this and many more songs on all DSPs.

You have got to love the sounds of the son of a prominent bluegrass guitarist 👀

Turbo is not a new player in the game. He has been around long enough to know what he is doing. In his latest track named “Technologie”, Turbo is seen to be in his element. However, many people do not know that Turbo is the son of a renowned bluegrass guitarist and that he grew up listening to country music almost his entire life. This latest track falls under the country/hip-hop genre as it incorporates the best of both worlds.

In the song, one can hear intense rap beats with a subtle acoustic guitar, making the song all the more exciting and sweet to listen to. This song is honest and confident and clearly defines the features of each genre.

Catch Turbo on Spotify and enjoy this, plus many more mind-blowing tracks.

With a winking and a smile, they all go wild! 🙌

Speakeasy Streets is a group of musical masterminds behind the track “Sweet Deceit”. The SPEKRFREKS remix makes it in this club sounds playlist as it was released in December 2021 and has gone on to take the world by storm.

Furthermore, if you are wondering about the genre, this song falls under Tech House and will definitely blow your ears away. This song is not only great because of its excellent instrumentals; the songwriting prowess is unheard of. The lyrics are catchy, and the chorus will have you singing in the shower.

Do not sleep on this funky track; stream it on Spotify or any other licensed platform, and you will be in for the treat of a lifetime. Do not forget to follow the artists on Instagram

Travel into the future with the Duke of time travel 🌌

Duke Skellington is both a singer and music producer. He is an artist representing the global “Future Swing” music movement. His style is unique, as you can experience in his hit track “Future Swing Time Machine”. This song has an even more exciting genre because it is an electro-swing/bass house. Duke Skellington is not new either; he has released three EPs and currently has a fourth one in the works.

This song was released in November 2021 and has been doing the numbers across the world. However, it isn’t easy to pin down a specific message the song intends to transmit. However, one thing is for sure; this song will get you moving in styles you did not think you had. It is full of good vibes and great energy.

The song is available on Youtube and various other streaming platforms.

Wrapping up the Club Sounds playlist

If you are a fan of house and techno, you know that good music and better artists are hard to come by. Therefore, it is always great to enjoy this club music whenever you can. This post has provided you with a carefully selected club sounds playlist which comprises all the latest releases from some of the best artists in the music scene right now. Whether you are from London or even Los Angeles, California, you will be treated to the best of house and techno from the above club sounds playlist.

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