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Dance tunes that will get you moving

There is never a day to not dance! Therefore we’ve selected some of the freshest dance tunes we could find and combined them into this article so that you don’t have to search for them anymore. With a mix of experimental sounds, techno, bass house, and more there is always a tune for you. Can you pick a favorite?

A mesmerizing mix of sounds πŸ™Œ

The song blends elements like nu disco, indie dance and RnB to bring out a melodious atmosphere. The album will bring out the goofiness, romance, and nostalgia in you. The feature Oli-J used by Mini Sants is on another level. It brings out an outstanding character with vocals pitched down.

The release of the song Stay also had the best timing since it came to prepare us for the summer months that allow us to enjoy our activities. Stay marries perfectly with nature and is something which most songs lack. If you happen to be a fan of, SG Lewis, Cosmos Midnight, and Bank ‘Stay’ is suited for you. Mini Sants wrote the song to encourage people who undergo difficulties which people assume. Difficulties like anxiety, loneliness, confusion, self-doubt, and acceptance.

The album will help you relax your mind, and it will assist you in coping with these difficulties amicably. It will help someone get back on their feet and face life’s hitches with renewed hope. The song’s video is animated and has an imagery landscape which is appealing.

Let us still your hunger for good EDM 😎

The writer of the song ‘Hunger’, Chris Ianuzzi, expresses his creativity and chaos in this song. He is based in New York and works at the Electronic Music Visionary. The song ‘Hunger’ was released by Satellite Symphonics. Chris is said to have been one of the first electronic music inventors. It is why there is an amazing signature sound in most of his songs.

When producing the music video, Chris used A. I technology which resulted in a high-quality video. The video was considered to be one of the best in the world. The A. I technology was coupled with other techniques to bring out the quality of the video. If you love bold and chill music meant for most serious listeners, then ‘Hunger’ will be a perfect match for you.

Most of the music Chris writes is futuristic since it is said to make a statement. He combines music and sound to reach extra limits that make his music have the best of tastes. His music will inspire you to relax and chill.

2 great songs by Havoc Osiris ✨

The beat ‘Welcome to The Stage’ was made by an artist called Havoc Osiris. He has had several hits, including this beat. Havoc is a self-reliant artist, although he has worked with different brands that assist him to produce good beats. He has sung with influence from three genres in mind the past, present, and future. Havoc creates songs that may have no lyrics but has had the opportunity of working with various artists from Hip Hop and Rock. He has also been influenced by artists like Eminem, DMX, KRS-One, Immortal Technique, Da Circle, and Odd Future.

The second song we feature is called ‘Imbalance’ and the first version was produced using his iPad. The final version of ‘Imbalance’ was made using his desktop later on. Havoc wanted to inspire the listener when writing his single album. He wanted to make the listener escape the real world to go to an imagined word that is beautiful, intense, chaotic, and helps you relax. ‘Imbalance’ is a piece of chill music that describes a power struggle in a world filled with high-tech equipment.

The king is back πŸ‘‘

King Kismet is the creative alias of Garett Pierre Rogers who is a producer and a DJ. The idea for the project was formed at the ODESZA concert in 2018. You can clearly hear the inspiration and influence by Odesza, DROELOE, and Flume.

Last December King set-up a very cool performance at the top of a mountain and for this release he asked people via TikTok and Instagram to send videos of the sun setting. With a stunning 82 submissions you could say that his fans are truly involved in his creative process.

The song was inspired by him moving from a place where he had chilly weather to a place where he experienced the Sun. It taught him that in life you can make the change that you have always desired. The song teaches us to endure, embrace change, and have faith. All together we can just say that King Kismet is a skillful home studio producer.

Enjoy the summer with this tune β˜€

Anthony Benjamin is an artist based in North London. His main genre is pop, synth pop, and electronic. He works with a producer called Peter Cattermole. Anthony has written and released eleven songs and three tracks. The songs and tracks have been accepted by his fans. Apart from releasing songs he also involves himself in instrumentals. As a solo artist, Antony wants to be an internationally recognized artist who shares his music with millions of listeners in different parts of the world.

He has a good songwriting ability which he hopes will be recognized by labels and publishers. He is willing to work with other prosperous producers and musicians. It will assist in producing good music for the fans. Antony is inspired by Owl City, Ben Rector, John Mayer, Bruce Hornsby, and Phil Collins. His songs will assist you to relax and chill.

Feel the power of environment πŸ’ͺ

Agenda Ambiente is a single-man band formed by a Swedish artist called Peter Broms, who resides in Guatemala, Central America. He formed the one-man band after working with several bands. He had visited various parts of the world and decided to settle in Guatemala.

Agenda Ambiente is influenced by Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Andrew Rayel, and the Chemical Brothers Prodigy. Peter feels that since moving to Guatemala his output has increased. It can be attributed to a change of weather. Where Peter is from, the weather is chilly that limits the activities that one may perform. It has allowed him to focus more on Music production.

Due to the chill music Peter produces he has in the past had many positive reviews from both his fans and other artists. It has encouraged him to work on his music and try to improve it so that it is more likeable to more people.

Anonymous but warm sounding 😍

MercerWeav3 is an anonymous artist based in Seattle. The artist is a EDM House music producer and also a DJ. MercerWeav3 is fascinated by music and feel music plays a pivotal role in life now.

The artist is influenced by artists like Slander, Dom Dolla, Deadmau5, and Zedd. MercerWeav3 is super self-reliant since he produces, records, mixes, and masters his music in in his own studio. The artist is anonymous for a reason. The creator really wants the audience to connect with the music rather than to a specific person.

The artist is inspired to write music by how the music unites us all and how impactful it has become in our lives. This song is inspired by the feeling that a kiss can arouse between two people. MercerWeav3 is open to improving and taking music to the next level. We’re sure this journey will continue as the exploring is endless.

Multiple genres are no problem 🀩

Based in the Northern part of Ohio, Disco Dreams is a music producer that deals with several genres. Disco Dreams appreciates the use of electronic beats. He combines electronic beats as well as his high-quality vocals to produce his melodious music. It is one of the reasons why every genre he tries to emulate marches out properly.

Disco Dreams has always wanted to be impactful with his music. He urges us to live carefreely and to live in the moment. Disco Dreams always wants to spread his love for music to more and more people. He released his first album in late 2021. You could say that the album, called ‘Mystic Daze’, combines various feelings and emotions. It has out-of-the-world rhythms and the best dance beats.

When listening to the music, you will most likely find yourself dancing due to the great dance beats. Disco Dreams recently collaborated with Sketch, who is also a fellow artist. The collaboration was done in March 2022 and led to the production of Disco’s first video. Disco promised his fans that he release another single in the early days of the summer of 2022. He also announced that he would release another song in 2023. The release would lead to the groundbreaking of his second album. Therefore we’re very excited for what the future will bring.

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