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Depending on who you’ll ask, there are various meanings of pop music since it is always evolving. Originating from the USA and UK, pop music initially began as a rock and roll genre because of its simple vocals along with simplistic instruments and as time passed by, it became more popular to the main stream audiences becoming very different from rock and roll as it has found its own entity. A pop song is always meant to appeal a broad audience rather than just a niche genre of music like Hip hop. Pop song is enjoyed by a wider audience because of their straightforward and rhythmic style with a strong focus on the harmony and melody keeping in mind that most lyrics deal with relationships, feelings and love. In this article is a review of top ten pop songs that you should add to your playlist.

Let’s shine with Foe 💎

‘Foe’ an Israeli artist who quit his job in the tech industry to focus on his music career shows how much passion he holds for music. Recently he has just dropped a song called Diamonds which has impressed a lot of people since being released. Even though the song released cannot start a music rebellion, the song ‘Diamond’ is a well-produced and simple electronic pop that will automatically bring a vibe after listening to it. For this song, Foe is accompanied by the wonderful Alina Valentine

The style that Foe puts out can be described as modern Bedroom Synthpop with influences from Depeche Mode, Visage, MGMT and more. You can clearly hear both beautiful and heavy emotions back in the songs as topics like extreme physical pain but also living up to your maximum potential. Overall you could say that without effort there will be no rewards.

When Moon and Aries meet, Paradise is created ✨

Tom Aries, a German music producer and composer, and Jordana Moon, a Canadian vocalist and writer, teamed up for Moon and Aries. They’ve created a special bond in which both musicians are looking to showcase ideas, emotions, feelings and sounds that blend to provide hope for the future. After a qualitative back-catalog work, they just released a fresh single called “take me home”.

What makes the song more interesting is how it catches the audience’s attention with its instrumentals and vocals that combine in perfect harmony bringing out a fascinating piece of music that brings out all your emotional experiences. The song’s atmosphere is crafted perfectly to match the drums which eventually join in and catch up with the pace smoothly. We can surely say that the instrumentals by Tom Aries are simply sensational. “Take me home” is the best way for you to loosen up your thoughts and soul as you start your enlightenment journey.

Beautifully melancholic song with soulful lyrics ✨

Maya Yenn has recently made her name famous as the emerging female electro-pop star with a new banger called ‘Better luck Next Time’. Speaking in an interview, Maya explains that the song is about the young men who focus only on their careers and nothing else, “the song is based on a young man’s perspective who has prioritized his career so much and while he’s still trying to get a report his plane keeps going down and soon it will crash”.

Take a good look at self-destructive humankind behaviour. We as humans tend to overlook the consequences of our actions, not forgetting that these choices might affect your future either positively or negatively. Listen to Maya Yenn and enjoy brilliant electro music in a poppy coat.

Organic soundscapes with hip-hop influences 🙌

A lot has been said about the need for people to be always hungry for artists with projects able to cross boundaries by delivering a unique sound or blending various genres in a new ground-breaking way. When an artist is able to perform such kind of quality then he is allowed to boast of it since it is making a huge difference in their career. Well, Aryan Kapoor is one of those artists, leaving between L.A. and Dubai, singer and rapper Kapoor balances entertaining bars with very soothing choruses.

Using a hip-op style but still maintaining a noticeable sound element, this international talent is surely a fresh proposal in the modern-day music scene. His new single ‘PLASTICHRTZ’ is solid and groovy jewelry that shows what the artist is capable of. The song approaches an organic route which includes light soundscapes and ukuleles layered on top of the same jungle beat. If you listen to the lyrics you will notice that the song focuses on the struggles of not being able to be accepted in a foreign land.

Captivating indie-pop melodies 💜

Since his last debut song which was well received by fans early this year, he has dropped another bouncy but thoughtful single called ‘Own Worst Enemy’. The song is about all mistakes made by the artist concerning life and love and how he never learns from his mistakes as he keeps on repeating them every time.

Despite all that, there’s still an engaging and fun feeling from the sounds stacked full of indie-pop and captivating, inevitable melodies. This song has a really introspective and thoughtful nature that comes along with great charm and personality in the sounds. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what he will do next after doing a great job in establishing himself as a singer in the pop appealing world who is talented with a unique sound.

Interesting vocals and catchy sounds 🎙

Skeleton Ocean, a brainchild of Joseph Hoskins, started playing the guitar while he was only 8 years old and as time passed by, he created a band and began to network around the music business. He later transferred to Denver where he currently stays and works and that is why most of his sounds have been influenced by the culture and music of Denver. Recently, he released a new album called “Bedroom” which has around 6 amazing songs. “Ride away” is a perfect soundtrack that will sure beat the blues, it consists of a sentimental vibe that takes you back to the 80s.

With the interesting lyrics and catchy sounds, it makes the best tune for refreshments. In addition, the bass background and excellent vocals mix up to create a mesmerizing soundscape that will leave you with the thirst to want more. Make sure to add “ride away” on your playlist whether you are enjoying your weekend or going for a road trip.

The power of irresistible love 💪

“Tunnel Vision” by Alex Beck is a pop single filled with electronic elements that blend in perfectly with Beck’s high vocals detailing how obsessed one can be when they are in love. The song starts off with a flashing dreaminess that is later elevated by the rising synths that appeal to the floating feeling of the listener. Immediately, an electronic guitar creates a simple tune that refrains the euphoric sound into the ground before Beck sweeps back the listener using his fine vocals.

The first verse grows into an amazing chorus which blossoms and gives out a voice to the emotions of one having to leave all his duties in everyday life just to focus on the love they hold for their partners. Showcasing how irresistible love can be in a good way, the song goes out to larger lengths as it builds up momentum to an extent where it feels like the listener is also trapped inside the same love that is trying to be expressed.

Get caramelized by Dreaming Soda 😌

Dreaming soda is an upcoming music duo that consists of Renee Stein and Ella Sterland. They describe themselves as pop artists that create music to showcase all the memories that existed when growing up before the internet era. Their first-ever single is called ‘caramel. A track that you cannot taste but makes you feel like you can taste it. The song’s lyrics are about the delightful flavors of caramel and how sweet sugar is making you. It describes how you can taste the colorful details showcased by the song.

Yyou will hear a sample from a child stating how caramel tastes sweet and nice, which leaves you with a mesmerizing touch that will remind you of the sweetness of your favorite meal or the times you and your mum baked some sweet cookies. The song’s hook is very captivating as he states, “you got me caramelized in your caramel eyes”. What makes the song more interesting is how the writer admits that as much as he likes his partner, it’s too soon for that. With this creative approach that the song is more fun and original.

Harmonious vocals & synth tones 😍

A dreamy and yearned success deserved by seven-layer piano cakes, ‘gum drops’ eats you up with all its caressing harmonious vocals and synth tones. It talks about a romance that isn’t working for both sides, but they are too irresistible to break up. Justin Hoyt, popularly known as seven-layer piano cakes, talks deeply about his new track. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should.

This song is an addition to the successes of seven-layer pancakes showcasing the unique combination of rock and pop influences. Listen to this track on Spotify pop mix and enjoy a smooth and entertaining vibe. We would say, give it a listen and just understand why this tune is one of our favorite pop tunes right now. We promise you that you won’t regret it!

A hard-hitting banger to close the list 😎

Monochrome is a Swedish duo that involves Alexander Fredman and Max De Fillipo. They have returned and recently dropped another hard-hitting banger called ‘MR. ROQUA’. The song has an electrifying sound, mixed with punchy hip-hop qualities and dance elements that show the ability of the duo to deliver top hits.

MR. ROQUA can be described as an energetic dance-influenced hip-hop track with rock influences. Artists that influenced the sound of MONOCHROME include Kid Cudi, N.E.R.D., Brockhampton and many more. The story line told by the powerful vocals is about the classic story of an aspiring star that sells it’s soul to the devil in return for living their dreams. Add MR. ROQUA to your playlist and enjoy a nice and mixed music that will relax your mind and body.

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