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CHILL VIBES playlist update: a selection of our favourites!

New week, new update. If we found some nice tunes this week? Most definitely. Let us take you through some of our coolest catches in the CHILL VIBES playlist update this week 😍.

Chill down under this mellow blanket of warmth ✨

We directly fell in love with this dreamy and mellow sound that’s presented by Cal in Red. When listening to the release of their debut EP, which came out in December ’21, it’s fair to say that they have a defined style. All the tracks on the EP are filled with characteristic synths and warm guitars that, together with the amazing vocals, carry you away in an instant. With influences from Tame Impala, Beach House, and MGMT it’s a really strong addition to our CHILL VIBES playlist.

The 2 brothers, Connor and Kendall, did not only do the production but also played all instruments and did the mixing all by themselves. Almost the complete EP was created in Connor’s bedroom, with only the drums being recorded over at a cousin’s basement studio.

If your looking for real chill vibes, make sure to give Cal in Red a follow on Spotify or Instagram. We’re staying on the lookout for the future of this awesome project for sure!

Impressive hybrid sound experience that will blow your mind 🤯

If you want to get confused as well as surprised in a good way, check out this latest release by Clutchboy Kuma. We can’t really pin it down to a genre but we really don’t feel the need to as well. The best way to describe it for us is a fusion of electronic music, ambient, and hip-hop influences mixed together with a cinematical song structure. Clutchboy knows perfectly what elements to combine to create a mindblowing soundscape that you just need to listen over and over again.

It has some dark layers but the dreamy and melodic elements make it really balanced. As Clutchboy says it himself? “Dreamy spaceflight music”. How would you call it?

lastly, We highly recommend you to check out his work on headphones for the full experience. And ofcourse don’t forget to follow the artist on both Spotify and Instagram if you love his art.

Running in deep and emotional circles with Howe ♾

The thing we loved straight away is the dragging way of singing and the experimental beat that supports the depressed and sad-sounding lyrics. You can really feel the lack of energy that comes with the fewer fun times in life like depression, anxiety, or the idea of living in circles when there is an absence of meaning in life. The song is added to the playlist because we feel that it could make you feel understood when listening to the playlist, unwinding from your busy life or head for a moment. We felt that the length of this song was right and kept the attention throughout the whole song, especially with the vocals and FX in the intro and outro. Great piece of true music if you ask us.

Howe started releasing just 1 year ago but with Wash Rinse Repeat it’s already the 5th single being released. Make sure to drop Howe a follow on Spotify and Instagram to stay in the loop on upcoming works. We bet you don’t wanna miss those.

Dream away to the strong debut track of Elnoir 😌

It’s fair to say that Elnoir is making a pretty steady entry in the scene with the release of her debut track X-Ray. The instrumental really surprised us and had us hooked from the beginning of the song when the piano hits some emotional notes. The strong instrumentals combined with the dreamy and emotive vocal made a great fit to our playlist and therefor we’ve added it as soon as we ran into the song. Another great moment that caught our attention is when the drums came in around 1:12. The percussion hit sets a certain mood that has the power to grab your attention and also takes you through the rest of the song effortlessly.

We’re pretty sure that Elnoir will find a solid fanbase over time with her creative and unique style. If you like what you hear, give her a follow on both Spotify and Instagram. Altogether we bet that the following tunes will be just as amazing.

Pleasend to the ear with great synths and lovely vocals ❤

We can most definitely call Satre versatile and multi-genre inspired producer. Apart from the fact that he started playing piano when younger he also creates electronic music in multiple genres. Firstly, the nice balance between the chiller and more energetic parts of the track is really satisfying. The future-bass sounding synths in the break together with the percussion hits really sets a mood for us. It’s clear to us that Satre has some great ideas and also knows how to construct them into a song.

Satre creates multiple genres rather than just one certain style. That’s why we can’t wait to see what his future will bring. We’re excited to see what inspirations Satre will use in the future when it comes to creating new tracks. One thing we do know is that it’s worth to keep an eye on for us. Drop a follow on Spotify as well as on Instagram for Satre if you want to follow his journey!

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