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This week we have four new Bass songs for you in our bass bunker playlist on Spotify. We picked some new songs for you which have very different vibes, from light future bass to more in-depth tracks. Therefore we only have one question for you: Are you ready to dive in? 🔥

Indulge into An Alter Reality with Blasting Bass 💥

First on our list is King Kismet with ‘Manifest’. The track recently released and is a perfect tune to let you lose your mind. King Kismet is the alter ego of Garret Pierre Rogers. His artistic name was born on a festival as Rogers was looking for a new path with a fitting name. It was then when he came to find King Kismet. The name relates to finding his own destiny and therefore results in the King going his own path.

King Kismet is gaining more and more attention in the scene. With broad influences from, for example, Odesza, Seven Lions, Excision and Illenium, the artist is able to make his own sound.

‘Manifest’ has different build ups and drops. The track is super well mixed and comes with strong tones and a lot of energy. ‘Manifest’ is about bringing something almost touchable and tangible into peoples lives. It does this through the powers of both attraction and belief. In conclusion: King Kismet is creating a reality for your desires. 

Let your emotions Flow with the Perfect Break-Up Song 🌊

‘So Hard to Love’ is the new single of waitwhat. The track is made in collaboration with RySHi and Abby Sevcik. waitwhat is a DJ/producer duo, consisting of Troy Skinner and Damon Dokhani. Abby Sevcik is responsible for the vocals of ‘So Hard to Love’ and RySHi made the guitar tunes.

The song is a bit more poppy and likeable. It could be easily played on any home party or in a club. The duo waitwhat is already working together for a longer period and are able to create a great atmosphere in their tracks. Since 2017 they are a team and they met even before that during their time at the UC of Berkeley.

The new track of waitwhat is relatable for anyone who has gone through a break-up. The lyrics are about the difficulties that come with love as well as ending a relationship. The vibe can be considered future bass. The track starts slowly while the guitar is almost immediately joined by amazing vocals. With a lot of different tones and electronical sounds the build-up begins and the track becomes powerful and reaches an ecstasy of tunes.

Addictive and Danceable Future Bass 🕺

In the Future Bass genre, we have another great new song for you. ‘Someone To Forget’ is the new single of Pariz. The 22-year-old artist loves to make music and he produces his own unique tracks. He does this in a personal style by combining different genres. His style can be called both electronic and danceable. Pariz is from Texas in the United States and makes songs of high quality.

The song has an emotional undertone. In the lyrics it focusses on the person that has left you. It gives the power back to you and shows how you can keep faith in yourself. Even when the desire to be with someone is taking over. Even if you are willing to sacrifice yourself fully for a person, you should stick to your true self.

With a strong bassline and touching vocals, you drift away in this track. The dense buildup of electronic tones takes you deeper in the song. Up until the point of the drop, where you can completely let go.

Skip your Sleep with Electronic Soundwaves 🤩

Daverage J. Normal comes with a new EP. This second EP from the musician is a true work of art. ‘At The Precipice’ is the name for the EP as well as for one of the singles. The EP itself consists of four tracks with a common topic; insomnia. Insomnia is expressed in three different singles. The fourth single ‘At The Precipice’ is the combination of these three songs, the whole of 12 minutes put together as its own track.

Each of the songs are an impression of a stage of sleep deprivation. As their names already tell, Approach, Engage and Descent. The combination of these three songs into one whole track is genius because it makes the cycle complete. The layers of the songs work nicely together as they blend with each other into one sound. ‘At The Precipice’ is sometimes slower, other moments up-tempo and overall an electronic and synthetic bass track.

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