House music and techno in our club sounds favorites

House music and techno favorites right now 😍

Feel ready for a party? We got you! With these five new tracks you will completely get in the mood. Whether it is new house music, some fresh techno, or something more trance like; with these songs you will for sure feel like going to the club.

Hypnotic Dance Vibes 💃

The first song that is new in our playlist is ‘Action On Corrino’ by Nickelson. Nickelson once again comes with a track that blows our mind and is perfect for a dark club with an enthusiastic crowd.

The Dutch artist Nickelson is a favorite of many. Artist like Armin van Buuren used his previous track ‘Yin’ a lot. With his new track he could just be on the same path. You can expect to hear the song a lot this year on upcoming events. Already want to listen to it? Check ‘Action On Corrino’ in our Club Sounds Playlist on Spotify!

The song ‘Action On Corrino’ is produced by JP Hill. It is a home studio recording, made in Louisville Kentucky. The general inspiration of Nickelson comes from influences like Talking Heads, Love, Andrew Wetherall and Chemical Brothers.

‘Action On Corrino’ has an addictive rhythm. The song fits perfectly in the instrumental electronic psychedelia genre. The layered landscape of different tones and sounds lures you in. Furthermore, the compelling beats persuade you to dance and enter this vibrant alter reality.

A Groovy Tune That Makes You Go Crazy 🤪

‘Oh Kay’ is the new track of Boogie Lights. This song screams groove in every possible way. The vocals are a mix between all the different ways one can say okay. Together with a lot of different sounds it makes for a wild sound landscape.

The track is part of the debut EP of Boogie Lights. The EP is called Be Weird, which is pretty much self-explanatory. Each of the three songs on the EP have the same message, it encourages you to fully be yourself and be weird. Funky and interesting tones that tell you to dance in any way imaginable.

Boogie Lights is the artist-name of Mark Henrichs. If you already think his recorded songs are a pleasure, you should check him out live! In live shows his music is combined with live drums, which makes the songs even more lively and energetic.

‘Oh Kay’ has a laid-back message with a lot of fizz. The way the vocals say okay is really casual and feels as if the message is to not care about others opinions and just say ‘okay’. With a sparkling groovy beat this message is enriched. The up-tempo house music beat gets you in a good vibe and therefore makes you want to party straight away. Altogether, it couldn’t be left out of our update!

Get into the Mood with Piano Beats 🎹

In the middle of our update, we have an artist that combines piano music and synth. Croptal is a musician who creates interesting captive piano beats and spices them up with synthesized tones.

The track ‘Piano Trek 2’ is part of the debut album of Croptal. In his works he combines both electronical and instrumental music into unique artworks. ‘Piano Trek 2’ is such an artwork. The rhythm grabs you and takes you on a journey through a repetitive beat and alienated vibes.

At first all you hear is the steady piano beat. As soon as it feels familiar, the piano gets overflown with funky electronic sounds. They fully take over the ambience and lead the way in the musical landscape.

Croptal is the alter ego of Tal Yaniv. The israelian musician is new in the field. This song is part of his debut album and therefore clearly shows that he will grow fast in popularity.

Deep Lyrics with Danceable Tunes by JULIENT 🕺

‘Calling For My Name’ is not only a danceable track, it also has a clear message. The new song by JULIENT focuses on self-reflection and learning from the past. This message is brought to the listener with a nice melody and heavy synths.

JULIENT is a rising artist who makes independent house music. His main influences are Sam Smith and RÜFÜS DU SOL. The overall beat of the track ‘Calling For My Name’ is very up-tempo. Combined with tones that will grow louder and brighter to the chorus, to explode in a musical masterpiece. The warm vocals are not only comforting but also relatable.

The storyline basically is about staying true to yourself. Even if people try to bring you down, and even if they might succeed, in the end it is up to yourself to learn and change from this. It is important to keep an eye on the future ahead of you.

Uplifting Beats in ‘Find A Way’ 🙌

In his new tune ‘Find A Way’ TATE SEDAR reflects on his live in a bright and positive way. With poppy EDM and bright vocals the song brings you into a happy vibe. Perfect for any night out or party.

TATE SEDAR started his musical career at a young age. Since the age of 15 he has been taking producing seriously. In 2005 you could hear him on Garage band in every Apple store nearby San Francisco. Growing to where he is now was not easy. Struggling to find the balance between both personal life and music has been difficult.

This journey of becoming an artist is the main focus of the track. It is about finding you way in life and the struggle of finding balance. When combined with the topic of mental health, it shows how important it is to keep close to yourself.

With a lot of samples as well as an uplifting vibe, the song sets the mood. The vocals of a child combined with a fast beat make you happy and feeling chill. TATE SEDAR chose samples of playgrounds for the background, combined with guitars and the sounds of a flute. These symbolize his life, starting at a young age in music, and lastly the flute being his first instrument and the guitars resembling his love for rock music.

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