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Lush Music to Enjoy in the Summer

We have another great update with 10 new pop songs to listen to while enjoying the sun. In this update we have a variety of all kinds of pop;  retro-pop, emo-pop, electro-pop and cinematic lush music. Enthusiastic? Quickly listen to our Pop Tunes Playlist on Spotify! Interested in some more info? We got you! Read our music reviews of the new tracks and know immediately what you can expect from some of the best up comping artists in the pop scene.

Dream Away With Minhy ☁

‘Entangled’ is the latest single of the rising artist Minhy. Her music fits well in the alt-pop genre and with mesmerizing melodies and lush harmonies she knows how to draw the listener in. ‘Entangled’ is the second single of the Australian singer / songwriter.

Minhy started her musical journey last year when she came out with the debut-single ‘Dead of the Night’. Now she blows us away once more with another genuine track that is very relatable and gives of dreamy pop vibes.

With her first single she gained a big audience, together with awards for the music video. She instantly made a name for herself and ‘Entangled’ shows once more how talented MINHY is.

‘Entangled’ explores the world of quantum love. The track is about a cosmic connection and takes you on this outer space journey. With sweet piano tunes and calming beats the track lifts the listener up. All along with soft and authentic vocals that explore how far a connection between two people can go.

Escape Daily Life and Go to an Island 🏝

Our next track is a bit more up tempo with colorful tones and an addictive beat. Glass Lord has proven himself once again with the tune ‘Santorini’. The track takes you on a holiday to wavey oceans and beautiful islands!

Glass Lord has given us the perfect uplifting track for this summer. The Los Angeles based artist is showing his potential song after song. He grew up in Switzerland and France and takes influence from the European music scene. This way he is able to create a very joyful and unique sound.

‘Santorini’ is a blend of genres, varying from tropical house to EDM and pop music. Glass Lord is known to mix genres and knows how to combine fields from R&B to hip-hop and pop to house. This specific track is super danceable and joyful. Whether you are on a festival, chilling in the sun, going out or having a nice summer day in your garden; this song is perfect for it! It will lift you up and the cosmic pop sounds will guarantee happiness.

Catchy Latin Pop tune by Calvin Ryan 🙌

‘Sucia’ is a song that will inspire you to move and dance all night. The mix between Latin tunes and American pop makes it a great tune to hear in the background when partying with friends or to get wild at in the club.

Calvin Ryan is a bilingual artist from Queens, New York. His Asian and Hispanic background makes him a unique artist with his own story. Calvin Ryan knows how to combine languages and genres into perfect tracks that you will want to put on repeat.

‘Sucia’ was created as a Latin collab of New York artists. The artists behind the track are all based in New York but have influences from Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia. This makes it a blend of Hispanic sounds wrapped in pop.

‘Sucia’ is a combination of Latin, dancehall and music. The beat is strong and driving while the exotic sounds and R&B give the track warm tones. All in all, a great track that you should not miss out on!

Everything but Ordinary 💁‍♂️

The new track from Rye Catchers ‘Ordinary’ is exactly the opposite of the title. The electronical sounds combined with sexy vocals are unique and compelling. It is not directly what one would expect from electro pop or EDM music, which is what makes it so good.

David McClintick Roberts is the person behind Rye Catchers, as a songwriter and producer he knows how to catch the audience. The singer of ‘Ordinary’ is Nekane, a Spanish artist who is able to captivate you fully. The driving beats are from Maze X Mxtreme.

Rye Cathers has a pop focus which is blended with other genres. Sometimes Lo-fi or Chill Hop, other track consists of a mix between EDM and sophisti-pop. ‘Ordinary’ is a more in depth EDM track with psychedelic synths and sensational vocals. The track is danceable and makes you feel good. This sound combined with deeper lyrics that actually have meaning, makes it the perfect track for every moment.

Super Authentic and Compassionate ❤

Let’s check out a more calming melodic pop song. ‘Angels’ by Camila Knight is an authentic and genuine track with a deep story. Camila combines her strong vocals with heartwarming beats.

The eclectic singer/songwriter Camila Knight aims to bring people closer together and give them comfort. With ‘Angels’ she wants to create a safe space for the people that feel misunderstood and lonely. Camila gets her inspiration from artists like Coldplay, Björk, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell and Radiohead.

Camila is an artist who stays true to herself and finds inspiration close by. This makes her original and accessible for every listener. Her lyrics can help you find your way again and make you feel heard.

‘Angels’ is relatable and connects people. It makes you feel understood and the storytelling, deeper lyrics are comforting. The cinematic pop sounds make the song extra powerful. The track is empowering for other people and brings a strong message together with ethereal beats.

Sunny Pop Song to Put on Repeat 🔁

‘Love Me Like You Don’t Care’ is the new single by Amanda Stone. The track is happy, joyful and unapologetic. It has everything you could wish for in a summer song. ‘Love Me Like You Don’t Care’ blows you away with lush and powerful synths, a mesmerizing and enchanting vocal sound and a good beat.

The American artist has been in the music scene pretty much all her life. From playing in a punk band to making lo-fi garage pop and now joyful electro-pop. Now based in Nashville she found her own sound and knows which way she wants to go with her music career. Amanda Stone has proven to be a shapeshifter and takes you on her musical journey.

‘Love Me Like You Don’t Care’ is a popular song with a great feeling. Bubbly tunes and electronical sounds paint the landscape for a feel-good track. It already gained a lot of TikTok popularity and is definitely worth a listen.

Let this R&B Fusion Move Your Body 🕺

The poppy soul power duo Desperate Electric made a new track: ‘Stop Making Noise’. The track combines two worlds. It feels nostalgic and contemporary at the same time, it is honest yet playful and shows vulnerability and resilience.

Desperate Electric, former knows as DASH is an artistic duo that makes powerful and breathtaking music. Ben Morris works on the guitar and the keys, does vocals and the production. While Kayti Korte focusses on the bass and vocals. The combination of the two brings perfect pop music with a twist.

‘Stop Making Noise’ is a track with a deeper meaning, the lyrics are authentic and spread a message. This deepness is combined with empowering music. The strong beat and disco soul tunes make an interesting combination. Together with funky elements and different instrumental sounds, it becomes a beautiful chaos of specific music.

A Perfect Up-tempo Song to Sing Along! 🎤

‘Same Song’ is the second single of Sadie Nix. This upcoming artist has had a lifelong passion for music. She started her music career at the age of 38, in the pandemic. This makes her a strong and mature artist who has more in-depth songs.

Sadie Nix comes from Brighton. She was born into a military family. This came with a nomadic lifestyle which gave her a broad influence for her music. Sadie is influenced by artists like David Bowie, Taylor Swift, Prince and Dolly Parton. She has a distinct sound and really reaches her audience. Apart from this, her songs are well known through tiktok dances.

‘Same Song’ is a refreshing new song with a relatable message. The track is empowering and shows how you can get over someone who is toxic for you. The poppy vocals are combined with good guitar riffs and a nice beat.

Graham Turner Made his Comeback with ‘Out of The Darkness’

The song title can be taken quite literal. Graham stepped out of the darkness and saw the light again. The past period has been tough, but he is happy to be back. He experienced a sudden illness which caused full blindness, after many surgeries he is able to see again and has found a positive attitude again.

Graham Turner is a songwriter and producer from the UK. The vocals on the track are sung by Elle Cato, formerly known as Lorraine Cato. She sings vocals for a lot of great and experienced artists. The fit between the two makes a perfect song. Her lush vocals and his clear beat make a positive and uplifting tack.

‘Out of The Darkness’ is a happy track that stands for ending a dark period in your life. With retro pop sounds, jazz elements and a blues tone the track is heartfelt and special. The perfect song to get you in a good mood.

Longing for More Than Friends 💓

The last song of our Pop Tunes Playlist Update is ‘Perfect Stranger’ By Ben Teeney. This Emo-pop song was written as a message to someone he liked and wanted to ask out. The track is about falling in love with your best friend and trying to make it work.

Ben Teeney is a musician based in Toronto, Canada. The past couple of years he gained quite an audience and Ben keeps growing. Ben has a passion for music, and this shows in his tracks.

‘Perfect Stranger’ is catchy and danceable. The deeper message unfortunately didn’t work out the way he hoped, but this makes it an even more relatable song. It can be difficult to maintain a friendship when you are falling in love and understandably you would like to get more out of it. This hopelessness is perfectly represented by the dreamy vocals. Combined with good guitar riffs and energetic synths, you can feel the beat in your veins.

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