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Pop Music that will Blow your Mind 🤯

We’ve got your favorite new pop song! This week the tracks are ranging from full on pop to more funky or dark tunes. A big variety of amazing pop music that got released recently. You can listen to them on our Spotify playlist!

A Song that will literally Chase You 🎵

Firstly we have ‘Chasing You’ by Strange World Music. ‘Chasing You’ will get stuck in your head and you will probably put it on replay. The track ‘Chasing You’ is inspired by the way that people behave in a relationship.

The artist, Strange World Music, is the alter ego of Lindsay Jupp. She writes the music and collaborates with musicians and producers who want to record and produce the songs. So Strange World Music is definitely not a musician like we are used to, but that makes her music only better. She is able to focus fully on the songwriting and later on finds a match with other musicians.

The vocals tell the story of a man chasing a woman. The woman seems to like the chase but does not want anything other than that. She is continuously leading him on. Combined with eclectic pop sounds, the song is very relatable in a sense. The song is a blend of acoustic sounds with electric and futuristic tones.

Pop in its Fullest 💛

We found the ultimate pop song for you! ‘Stumble’ by Jordan Jones is pop music in its fullest. It has catchy melodies which are combined with strong vocals and a chill vibe. Jordan Jones is a Canadian artist who keeps on becoming bigger in the scene.

Jordan Jones finds his influence in artists like Justin Bieber, 6black, The Weekend, Ed Sheeran and more. You will definitely hear this when listening to his songs. You can recognize the influences and really feel his love for pop music.

The tune is about being in love and in a new relationship. It shows how we all stumble, but that is okay as long as we account for our mistakes. It is not bad to make mistakes as long as the communication is open and honest. With a strong beat and a lot of different melodies, the song is super catchy, and you won’t be able to forget it.

IRYS comes with another Dark and Captivating track 🖤

‘Weirdo’ by IRYS is a dark and layered song. The song fits in the genre of dark electro pop. With deep and dramatic vocals and an intense vibe.

IRYS is a very powerful artist. She has hints of Lana del Ray, Charlie XCX and artists like Tove Lo. IRYS is able to combine experimental goth with super accessible pop. In this way the songs are still catchy and likeable, with a darker twist.

IRYS is a Berlin based singer, songwriter and producer. Basically, she is a DIY musician and a fully independent artist. Therefore, she has complete freedom and is able to make every decision about her songs. She exploded in the scene in 2021 and keeps on surprising us so far.

The song ‘Weirdo’ is about feeling like a misfit. Sometimes someone comes around who understands and loves you, making you feel less weird. However, they can turn out to be pretending and toxic, which makes you feel even weirder by the bad relationship and even more a misfit. With an energetic guitar riff and mixes of indie electronica and trip-hop, she finds a way to bring together the underground and mainstream music types.

A Song that will get you Addicted 😍

Perry Ripley comes with a new track; ‘Cocaine Love’. The song is a mix of alt rock, indie pop and electrical tunes. It really gets to you and is very relatable to listen to.

‘Cocaine Love’ is about showing the struggles of addiction. It shows how love can be an addictive feeling as well, which you cannot easily get rid of. The comparison between cocaine and love shows exactly how strong this can be, when your body does not want anything else but to feel more love and you are constantly looking for this.

Perry Ripley is a singer and songwriter. Not only does he have strong vocals, but he is able to compose the songs himself. Ripley came into the music scene somewhere in 2018 and since then has not left it. With a strong and original style, he puts his name in the scene.

‘Cocaine Love’ is a deep song with moody vibes and a raw tone. Through well written lyrics and a dark vibe the song takes you on its own journey.

Some Uplifting Vibes to make your day

A bit more uplifting in this weeks pop music update is ‘Ready to Be Better’ by Maddox Jones. With heartwarming and comforting lyrics and a light tone the song makes you feel positive about life.

Maddox Jones started his musical career through bands and working together with other artists. By now he is making his own music and we love it! The British singer-songwriter comes with original lyrics wrapped in honest songs.

‘Ready to Be Better’ is such an honest track. It shows how one can come to the realization that they made mistakes and finally embraces to fix these mistakes. This hopeful message comes with summer synth-washed pop tunes and a vibrant melody. The song is just what we need after a long time of uncertainty and complex world situations. It brings us into the summer vibes and makes you optimistic.

Funky Pop with Hints of R&B 🕺

The last song of this week’s update is ‘More Than Friends’ by Enoka. The Swedish pop artist has a stunning voice and combines this with heartwarming sounds. She creates a warm ambience which is really relatable. Therefore she couldn’t miss in this pop music update!

Anne Marie Enoka is a Swedish artist with roots in Sri Lanka. She started as a background singer and is now taking her career to the front of the stage. Enoka has been passionate about music since a young age and really developed her qualities.

‘More Than Friends’ is a combination between R&B tones and pop melodies. With a synth focused bass line, the melody has an 80’s vibe. Not only the tones are 80’s, the vocals fit this genre as well and really take you on a trip through time. With a lot of synth and a hint of disco this love song really gets to you.

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