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Let’s get Poppy: Some New Favourites in our Pop Playlist

We have some new tunes for you! With a variation in vibes and tones, these eight pop songs should for sure be part of your playlist. We have found some of the best vibes with a lot of synth, but also some 80’s inspired music and more slowed easy-listening tracks.

All songs are out now and waiting for you in our pop playlist on Spotify!

Get Nostalgic with an 80’s Vibe ✨

2022 is already a promising year for Tyler Garret. In the first month of this year, he dropped a new track: ‘Old Flames’. The song is super nice on its own, but also hints to what we can expect from Tyler this year. In the winter of 2022, he plans to drop a new album.

The song Old Flames is an EDM track with a lot of 80’s tones. With a strong and electronic rhythm, this song really wants to make you dance. Old Flames is a very vintage pop song. The trac is produced by Jonathan Borsis. Garret and Borsis will also be collaborating for the tracks on the expected album.

Tyler got his inspiration from Michael Jackson and Carly 80’s. When you listen to the lyrics, you notice the different layers to the song. It is about lost lovers and breaking the chains that come with past relationships. The title Old Flames is reminding you of previous relationships. A lot of synth and a sensual groove brings you into these deeper emotions.

Amazing Remix of a Strong Pop Song 🙌

The song ‘One in Control’ came out in two different versions. The remix by Tate Gregor was created simultaneously with the original track. This remix version really ads another layer to the song and gives it some spice.

Billy Cadden started to play music in middle school. In high school he got part of a band and later switched to a solo path. In total Cadden has been playing music for about 18 years. With experience in different instruments and good writing skills, he makes amazing tunes.

‘One in control’ was written in the beginning of the pandemic. Billy likes to have listeners form their own idea of a song instead of explaining the feeling behind it. In general, though the song is about slowing down, but right before you come to a standstill you realize that you need to snap out of it. This feeling can come to you in any live pattern, whether it is work or a relationship.

‘One in Control’ is a very upbeat song. With a hint of indie and an electronic pop vibe it couldn’t miss in our pop playlist.

Powerful Track that will Blow you Away 💨

The singer-songwriter LRYN has been making music for 10 years. Now her focus is mainly on pop music with a relatable topic. All of her music is produced together with Logan Bruhn in a small bedroom in Tulsa. This counts for the track Lame AF as well.

‘LAME AF’ is the latest song of LRYN. It has a heavy beat and almost hip-hop like rhythm. Combined with up front vocals, this song really grasps you. The main vibe is contemporary pop, but mixing it with R&B and electronic music really turns Lame AF into a special pop song.

The track is about something that really happened in LRYN live, but more in general focusses on this vibe we always have with some persons. There is always someone we know, who we think is Lame AF.

Writing music is like therapy for LRYN, she gets to explore her past and emotions through making songs. This is what makes the tunes truthful and extra strong.

Distinctive Synth Sounds with Extra Power 🔥

The new song of Ro Nova just came out! ‘Cyanide’ is a track with a lot of energy and an electro pop style. The song came out on a very specific moment, which gives it extra power. Namely on Tuesday (2sday), the 22nd of the 2nd month of 2022.

Cyanide is a song about finding comfort in being a thrill seeker. Accepting that this is what you need and continuing to look for new adventures. You can even feel this in the melody. Overall you could say that there is a need for all these different sensations and stimulations.

With both a pumping base and a big amount of synth, the upbeat pop song makes you want to dance. The high vocals make an in-depth song which is very inspiring and uplifting.

Ro Nova really creates her own sound. Influence by artist like Lady Gaga, Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens, she takes on a powerful female resonance. therefore we’ve included the song in our pop playlist on Spotify.

Explore an Ocean of Feelings through Dance Music 🌊

With her new song, Nicole Dash Jones really mixes your feelings. The uplifting track makes you happy, but its deeper layers are sadder. Together with pop tones and an overall dance music color it has you going crazy.

The lyrics are a bit philosophical. Nicole talks about a love that can transcend all and gain control over someone. This also has a negative and positive meaning. The effect of powerful love is amazing, it shows the melting together of two souls. On the other hand, it also shows how one loses their own identity and gets trapped in this dreamy vibe away from reality.

Overall, the song is very powerful. Showing the different perspectives gives it an emotional energy. Combined with 80’s vibes and a lot of synth, this song will be stuck in your mind. The high tempo beat is combined with a lot of spark. Written by Nicole Dash Jones on the piano and produced by Samuel Hills.

Relatable Message packed in Strong Sounds 💪

The bilingual artist Calvin Ryan has a new track! With his music he shows the diversity of Queens, New York and the diversity he has in himself. Blind is the title of his new song.

Overall, Calvin Ryan’s music is perfect for a night out. It has a lot of different layers and influences. Ryan incorporates English and Spanish through hip-hop, R&B, pop, reggaeton and dancehall. The song Blind fits more in the pop and dancehall genres, but also has hints of hip-hop.

The strong lyrics are about a relationship or love that does not work out. It is about seeing the true colors of the relationship and finally understanding why the whole thing was not working anymore. A very relatable topic. Combined with poppy tunes and electronic synths, the song gets under your skin. The song starts a bit slower and build up to an explosion of electronic sounds and clear vocals.

Super Catchy Song with Acoustic Vibes 😌

Ali Gilbert has a new track, called ‘Run By The River’. This pop songs are a bit different from others in this list. The focus is more on acoustic sounds and the vibe slows down a bit. A really nice song to listen to at any moment of any day.

‘Run By The River’ feels like a song that is true to the heart. The self-thought artist Ali Gilbert has been performing music since the age of 18. The track is very catchy and relatable.

The feeling behind the song is about changing love. It is based on a fictional character but overall focusses on confession and redemption. It feels like the character is running towards something but also about accepting the past. The real meaning is open for interpretation.

The song mixes elements of acoustic warmth as well as folk-pop. The catchy lyrics are combined with an unforgettable beat. Which makes you want to put the song on repeat and sing along all day

Go Out and Have Fun with a Perfect Club Song 💃

The singer, songwriter and producer Just Shad released a new track! The song called ‘GO!’ Is the newest drop of the American Haitian artist. The artists influences come from musicians like Pharrell, Timbaland and more classic legends like BBking and Jimi Hendrix.

GO! Is a song about positivity. Just Shad has learned to manipulate sounds so that he can transfer his feelings and emotions via music. Some songs go very deep and some are more lighthearted. GO! Is more of the latter. The track is about celebrating and people having a good time at a party. Where you will be like ‘Yes, go for it, you rock!’.

Just Shad has put a lot of different vibes into this one pop song, therefore it makes this an in-depth tune. With 80’s synth and R&B influences the song has a rich color. Combined with modern hip-hop and a very strong beat the song fits really well in our pop playlist.

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