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Five new Pop Songs with a lot of Power

We have found five amazing new pop songs! One even more powerful than the other, but overall, all of them share an empowering feeling. We are sure that these five tracks will become your new favorites. They are already in our Pop Tunes Playlist on Spotify. So read our thoughts here and listen to them for yourself!

Poppy Synths that take you on an Astronauts Journey 👨‍🚀

The new track of Chris Kabs just came out. ‘Moon’ is the latest release of the upcoming producer. Kabs is making a big name fast, through both collaborations with other artists and a feature on the FIFA 20 soundtrack. With inspiration from Drake and R&B tones the artist makes addictive music that you will want to listen to the whole day.

In general, his music is creative and strong. The song ‘Moon’ has dreamy vibes and is perfect for any music lover. Therefore you could say that his song is made for a broad audience. Full of synthy vocals and with an up-tempo beat Chris takes you along in his fearless imagination. ‘Moon’ is the first single of the artist’s upcoming album.

The track is very powerful. The lyrics focus on a personal journey, in which the narrator does his own thing and makes his own choices. The song really is about following your own path and not caring about the opinions of others. Flying to the moon where anything is possible and rules are to be made by one’s self.

Get Empowered with R.E.N. 💪

R.E.N. is a new artist in the pop scene. The female solo singer started not even a year ago and is already making her way in the field. Lauren Forge, the woman behind R.E.N., has a history in the spotlights already. This helps her in dealing with the publicity as well as finding her path in music. Her experience is mainly in dancing and modelling.

R.E.N. is originally from Los Angeles and currently lives in New York City. The track ‘Rendezvous’ is her second official release and just came out last month. With inspiration from pop princesses like Ariana Grande, Britney Spears and Selena Gomez, she is able to create her own pop sound. She also takes inspiration from Amy Winehouse and Evanescence, for a darker twist and powerful message.

The power is really visible in ‘Rendezvous’. The song shows how she is a strong woman who does not let people run over her. The track focusses on a relationship and taking control of the situation and your own life in a way. Altogether, the whole song can be considered a powerful anthem with the combination of a strong beat and energetic vocals.

Mixed Feelings that make you want to Dance 💃

We have a new pop song which is able to describe sadness without giving you a bad feeling. Red Skies Mourning came out with a new track: ‘Lost Without You’. The love song consists of sad lyrics about a break up. More specifically it focusses on the lost feeling one has after the break up. This story is nicely packed into a bright pop song that actually makes you feel good.

The artist behind Red Skies Mourning is Chris Aleshire. Aleshire is an alternative indie musician who is really maturing in his music. With a lot of confidence, the track ‘Lost Without You’ is both professional and surprising.

The tune consists of warm tones and is very danceable. Just listening to it makes your body want to move. With hints of indie-rock and funky vibes the song really brightens your day. A song that obviously fits well in our Pop Tunes Playlist on Spotify, where you can listen to it now!

Perfect Pop song for the Summer ☀

Imagine the warm days that are on its way again. Whether you are chilling in the park with friends, or going to the club at night, this song is perfect for it. ‘FLWRBOY’ is the new track from HIDEKKI. It combines future bass with hip-hop. A combination that might seem strange but works out very nicely. HIDEKKI likes to experiment with different genres and found a perfect way to combine these two.

The song bursts of happy tunes and warm tones. The very high tempo gets switched off by more slower beats and almost rap vocals. This is done very smoothly and therefore creates a good balance between two genres that are very rarely seen together.

The artist started making music in the pandemic. Since 2020 HIDEKKI has been experimenting with music and records and produces it in his bedroom. ‘FLWRBOY’ consists of a lot of synthetic layers combined with acoustic instruments. Sparks of Funk make it both very poppy and danceable. 

A Clear Message packed in Deep Lyrics

‘HOW’S THE VIEW?’ is the last new song for our Pop Tunes Playlist Update. This new track is the debute single of Darinka. The inspiration draws the inspiration from Lorde, Marina & The Diamonds and Escape The Fate. Her song kind of reminds you of Billie Eilish songs, because they are strong with a hint of darkness as well.

Darinka is the Alter Ego of Chloe Berlinger. She has been writing/making music since she can remember but just started releasing songs. With concentrated and full synth and acoustic instruments she made a strong first impression.

‘HOW’S THE VIEW?’ is a critical song about the struggles in one’s day-job and the wealth gap in America. It focusses on the problems caused by the system and is a form of grim pop. With an electronic flavor and sharp vocals, the song is dark yet realistic. It is in a way an anthem for the Millennials and Gen Z’s. Very relatable and lively.

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