Pop Tunes Playlist: Songs That You Can’t Miss

We are back with some new and amazing tracks for you! We’ve selected a variety of songs from our pop tunes playlist that will get stuck in your head. With a wide range of upbeat, dark, deep and more mellow tunes, this list has the best new pop songs!

All songs are already in our pop tunes playlist on Spotify so you can start and put them on repeat directly after reading this article!

Feel Calm with Warm Tones and Relatable Lyrics ✨

When listening to this warm toned and catchy tune you lose track of your surroundings. Chris Wiper takes you on a journey with his new release Heatstroke.

During the Covid period, Chris, like many of us, was struggling. Chris is from Nashville in the United States and did not like his hometown. Being stuck made life difficult and unbearable. In this period, he put all his frustration and energy in a new track called ‘Heatstroke’.

The lyrics are about a toxic relation where one gives everything but does not get the same back. You can really feel the frustration and pain when listening to the song. Not only is the song super relatable, it is also relaxing. While Chris takes you on his emotional journey you are able to flow along on the soundwaves.

Chris gets his inspiration from many artists, like Lorde, Remi Wolf, Phoebe Bridgers and more. He is able to mix pop music with deep sounds and an amazing voice, into a super unique and tuneful track.

Get Your Inner Badass Out with Mia 🍸

Pour Another is one of seven singles from Mia Mormino. The general theme is sinning, all the songs describe one of the seven sins. In this last single she focusses on gluttony. Alcohol and eating are largely described in a catchy way.

When listening to the song you really feel the empowerment that comes with the track. You want to take control over your own life and do whatever you feel like. It makes you want to sin and feel free.

Mia focusses in general on self-empowerment topics. She shows that she is a strong independent woman and encourages others with this. Not only in her snappy beats but also in her way of living. She is a self-reliant singer songwriter. The sexy and strong music video accompanying the song is self-directed. In everything that she does, she breathes power.

Pour Another is not only powerful and heartfelt. The sonic tunes and strong voice make it an unforgettable song. That explains exactly why it’s in our Pop Tunes playlist. It is super authentic, and you’ll definitely want to listen it on repeat for hours!

Dive in a Deep and Mesmerizing Ocean of Sounds 🔮

ZUUR is the self-titled album of the artist Azrael Zuur. In this album he focusses on his younger self. The whole album has a dark and deep undertone which directly grabs your attention.

The Album is a note or promise to the young ZUUR. It Is about being realistic and showing what happened in life. The songs are unlike you ever heard from ZUUR before. He created something very different and it worked out amazing! The tunes were made on the upper Delaware river valley. Interestingly in a shack! When listening to the songs you will not expect this at all. The unbelievably strong and deep tones do not give away that it was made in a hut.

The song itself will completely get under your skin. The tough and deep lyrics combined with a mesmerizing beat is fully hypnotizing. That definitely cannot be missing on your Spotify pop playlist.

Dreamy Vibes with A Clear Message 🌈

Dreamy electronic tunes slowly enter your ear. The buildup to a more up-tempo and danceable song does not take long. Make It Last is a super captivating track that takes you on a journey in the universe.

With a lot of synth and different electronic layers Nick catches your attention immediately. The strong and dreamy vocals scream for attention in a good way. Nick grew up in New York. The upbeat tunes he makes are reflecting the busy life there. Unbelievably enough Nick is a fully self-taught artist.

Make It Last is a song that focusses on how one sees themselves. The lyrics tell how life is short and you should make it count. Quite literally in the Chorus: “Take a picture, make it last”. As soon as you dig a little deeper you can hear a clear message. Do not let anyone influence the way that you see yourself.

Funky Pop with Amazing Vocals 💃

Bitter Bitch is a super funky single by Helen. Helen is not to be explained in one genre. She combines modern pop with R&B and hints of funk. This makes the song unforgettable and tuneful.

Helen sings about herself. She explains how she has become a ‘bitter bitch’. This is meant in a positive and empowering way. Helen used to be quite shy and modest. Over the years she changed into a more distinct personality. At this point she does not care what others think of her and does not let them change her. Not everyone might like this, some could even say she is a bitter bitch, but she is unconcerned with this.

The song has a powerful message. It is an example for other people that are shy and change themselves easily for others. The track shows how you can stop caring for the way other people will judge and see you. It gives you comfort and the courage to be bolder and more outspoken.

Get on A Spaceship to Summer 🚀

The funky tones and happy vibe immediately change your mood. Spacemachine by Benjamin Balensi is a super happy summer song. Literally everything about this song says pop. If you don’t have it in your pop Spotify playlist then you better do it now, because we know everybody needs this.

Benjamin Balensi is a French musician. Already at the young age of 5 he started experimenting eclectic music. It is not weird that he got into music so young, it runs through his veins. With a musical family and a lot of practice, Balensi is now an unmissable artist in the pop scene. He went to the conservatory of Marseille and was able to find his true sound.

Balensi mixes current reggaeton with upbeat dancehall and a lot of electronic tunes. He is an experienced DJ in clubs and really knows how to catch a crowd. The song has English lyrics and tuneful vocals.

Feel Liberated and Energetic with This Break-Up Song 🍭

Melanie Wehbe does not sugarcoat her own song, that is for sure! The song Sugarcoat is dreamy and sweet but with a clear message. The upbeat track is emotional yet still able to get you in a good mood.

Sugarcoat was written while Melanie was going through a heartbreak. From beginning to end the song was written and produced in only a month! Even the artist was impressed by this and therefore decided to directly release the track. It is mainly about honesty and clear communication in dating life.

The poppy tune is full of playful sounds and synths. It discusses a difficult topic in a light way. Break-up songs are often sad and emotional, but Melanie shows that this is not necessary. An end of a relationship can also be liberating and happy. The different vocals combined with electronic intervals give the song many layers, ending up in a smooth blast of music. A must have from our pop tunes playlist!

Get Bittersweet with Francesca ❤

This calming tune lets you drift away in memories. The mellow vibes take you back to moments where everything was better. Especially with the pandemic situation, this song reminds you of life before Covid.

Francesca Guerra wrote the song Summer in the first lockdown of 2020. She was struggling with the distance in her relationship. During this time, she felt lonely and found herself in despair. This song is a reflection on those emotions. It is nostalgic and takes Francesca back to the summer of 2019 where life was easy.

The topic of loneliness is super relatable for our generation. Especially during the pandemic. With a calm and chill melody Summer brings this feeling together with the vibe of pop music. You get melancholic and think of better times while listening to the song. Whether it is before Covid or when a relationship was easier, it really takes you on down your own memory lane.

This Modern Hip-Hop Track Will Blow You Away 💨

Instantly you are dazed by the single Throne from Timmy The First. The song starts with its upbeat melody and deep lyrics directly. The lines are very well written and tell a message. Combined with the strong beat this song is a true banger.

The rap song is for sure part of the modern hip-hop culture. It is fast, snappy and strong. The poppy tunes together with electronic melodies make you sharp and focused. Timmy is an artist based in Otago, New Zealand, however he was born in Zimbabwe. His childhood and origin story are an inspiration for his message in music.

The single is a protest song with a clear message. Timmy hits you in the face with facts about freedom and injustice. The main focus has to do with power abuse and racial injustice. The hardcore hip-hop beats combined with synthetic trap communicate these problems well. Confronting the audience, this is a super addictive track with a strong spirit.

Lo-Fi Beats for A Cozy Day 😌

Slowly you hear the calming beat coming together. The further in the song, the more complex the melody. The slow build up perfectly fits this nice and relaxing pop song. It starts very small but comes together in an explosion of sound. All I Want 2 See is the new track from Arin.

All I Want 2 See is a reflection of multiple relationships of Arin. He tried to grasp the emotions from these past relationships, and we can easily say that he did a great job. When listening to this mellow lo-fi song we fully feel the bittersweet sadness.

The song is written and recorded with his two housemates. All the work on the track was actually performed in the house. When listening to the song you can totally see this happening.

The general theme is wistful. The different vocal layers work perfectly together and create a wistful smile on your face. Blending nicely with a lot of synth and electronic tunes the whole song covers you as a warm blanket would. That’s why it couldn’t be left out of our Pop Tunes playlist.

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