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Pop Update: 8 songs you will put on Repeat

This week’s Pop Update is big! We have eight different songs for you that just came out. Some are slower and more emotional, giving you comfort while others are fast, danceable and groovy. Each one of them is catchy and you’ll probably can’t stop listening. Find the songs in our Spotify Playlist and read what our thoughts are below!

Get Crazy with ‘Annie Adderall’ 🤪

Firstly we start this pop update with ‘Annie Adderall’ by Kellan. and Webb Wavvy. The track is a home production made in Seattle. The two artists worked together, which ended up in a pop tune with a good vibe as well as some rap elements.

Kellan. is the producer, singer, primary artist and rapper. Webb Wavvy is the co-producer and co-writer. The two of them work neatly together and made a nice catchy tune that also makes you feel good. Kellan. is mainly influenced by artist like Mac Miller, Blackbear, Childish Gambino, Fall Out Boy and more. He has previously opened up performances of Macklemore and is an enthusiastic upcoming artist.

‘Annie Adderall’ comes with a lot of energy. The pop anthem consists of a lot of synth, energetic electronical tones, good vocals and on-point rap. The lyrics are inspired by the feeling of being in front of a crowd, where the energy gets to you and you feel the enthusiasm. A feeling that was missing in the pandemic period. It is about being hyped and feeling crazy.

Relatable Pop music that Comforts you 😌

The second track that we have for you guys is slower and more emotional. This pop-tune focuses on the feeling of hitting rock bottom and feeling lost. However, it has an uplifting spirit and shows that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and times will get better.

‘Fallen Angel’ is the new song by Marze and Anna-Sophia Henry. Marze is both the producer and songwriter, as Anna-Sophia Henry is in charge of the singing and knows to tell a story full of emotions in warming vocals.

Marze has been making music for himself and other artists since he was 16. Two years ago, the alter-ego and artist Marze was born. He is influenced by artists like Dabin, Illenium, Said the Sky and Fairlane. The soft and emotional lyrics are combined with nice build-ups as well as powerful drops. ‘Fallen Angel’ is a relatable pop song with hints of EDM.

Ignore the Red Flags with Liv Charette 🚩

Liv Charette comes with a new powerful track. ‘Red Flags White’ is original and catchy. A pop anthem about ignoring the red flags and pretending the person you are seeing is perfect for you, even though you know better.

The song is a very powerful and playful track. Liv Charette combines timeless elements with modern pop. She is able to make a Glam-pop track which is very relatable. You will want to listen to this track over and over again.

The song is about the moment between falling for someone who is bad for you and getting powerful enough to accept that the situation is not good for you. You clearly see the problems, but you decide not to see them and keep on going in the same direction. Literally “bleaching the red flags white”.

Liv Charette is originally a Canadian musician, but she is now living in the U.S., Nashville. She went viral on TikTok and is making a big name for herself.

Let your body Take in The Energy ⚡

Heart pounding Drum and Bass that makes you move your body. Bringing some variation in the Pop update with a more energetic track. The song ‘Transformation’ is an up-tempo track with energetic rhythms.

Mac Summer is the producer of ‘Transformation’. He can be seen as a genre-bending artist as he doesn’t let others put him into one specific box. He made his name in international dance music and produces tracks with energy and liquid Drum and Bass.

The tones of Jungle and Darkwave get to the surface of ‘Transformation’, together with a relatable story. The track is about the fact that nothing makes sense anymore – which reflects on the current affairs in the world as well as how we experience them. The track is comforting, it shows how you are not alone in your doubts and your confusion. Together with this tune you can dance those feelings away.

The minimalistic piano is driven by a high tempo beat and followed by immersive vocals. The vocals are almost conversing with each other and hyping each other up.

A Warm Embrace ❤

We are halfway for this week’s Pop update, with ‘Young Fools’ by Josh Savage. The song is a more mellow and soft pop song. The vocal lines guide you through the song with a warming and calming tone. The catchy tune and kind of up-tempo beat support the vocals and make it a chilled pop track.

Josh Savage is a singer/songwriter and producer. With similarities to for instance Duran Duran, Ben Howard and Fleetwood Mac. Josh makes heartfelt emotional tracks that are really relatable and comforting. He is a berlin-based artist that is working extremely hard to find his way and pump up his music career.

The track ‘Young Fools’ is a nostalgic song, which takes you back in time. It is about the naïve lifestyle of young people and celebrating this way of living. It is a celebration of the memories we all had in some way, about the never-ending nights, big dreams and opportunities. Looking past the horizon and feeling as if anything was possible.

Powerful Must-Listen! 🔥

We continue with a tune that you really need to check out! Brystan just came out with her new single Pyro. A very strong and empowering track that does not only encourage you, it also gives so much energy.

Brystan Martinez is a female artist who started in 2019 with releasing her singles. She is both a singer and songwriter and helps in the production of her own tracks. She writes personal experiences and stories that people can relate to and might get something out of.

Pyro is about being on your absolute high, being confident and proud of yourself. The moment that you are reaching your goals and are feeling the best that you can. It is a very empowering pop anthem that shows that you don’t need to answer to anybody else and that you can be your own boss.

The strong lyrics are combined with an intriguing and deep beat. A beat that gets under your skin and will not let go of you. With edgy tones as well as a strong voice, the song is dark in a strong and powerful way.

Lose Yourself with Funky Grooves 🕺

We also have a more groovy and danceable pop song for you to listen to! ‘More Than Fun’ is a funky tune that makes you want to move your body and dance on the beat. The song is from the artist LOVETA, who can be seen as an old soul with new flavor. She loves to combine older techniques with modern pop vibes.

LOVETA is the artistic name of Lauren Marshall. She is a musician based in New Zealand. LOVETA gets her inspiration from artists like Dua Lipa, YEBBA, Amber Mark and Kim Petras. Her feminine power and energy give a unique vibe that creates super poppy and catchy music.

‘More Than Fun’ is a feel-good, happy and energetic pop anthem. It has elements of disco, combined with modern electro-pop. Influenced by the 60’s and 70’s diva’s, the song contains a lot of R&B elements combined with soulful nu-disco. The retro guitars create a good riff, that together with the vocals call us to live in the moment and enjoy ourselves.

Listen to your Instinct with Lou Emery

Our last update consists of the track ‘Instinctual’ by Lou Emery. This pop-rock track is a perfect addition to our Pop update. With a catchy tune and modern pop vibes, Lou Emery lures you in and keeps you captivated.

Lou Emery is both a singer and songwriter from the United States who is based in Los Angeles, California. Lou Emery can be described as having similarities to artists like Harry Styles, Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo. She refuses to be boxed into one specific genre as her vibe is a broad interpretation of pop, mixed with club vibes as well as sexy tones.

‘Instinctual’ describes the meaningless flirtation that you can sometimes long for. The playful teasing and dancing around each other. When you do not want to think about life and find someone who is in the same mood. The beat driven track has sexy tones and a powerful strong vocal melody. It is very danceable and probably will get stuck into your head. Therefore it had to be added to our pop playlist.

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