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Relax! Don’t Forget to Chill.

Summer can bring hot weather and a busy social life. Whatever your plans are this summer, it wouldn’t hurt to relax a little bit every now and then. To help you with this, we are here without new Chill Vibes Playlist Update on Spotify. We have ten new chill tracks for you to get you through the summer days.

Dive in the Deep Blue Calmness 💙

First in our Chill Vibes Playlist Update is ‘Deep Blue Ocean’ by de antiquis et novis. We have posted about de antiquis et novis a few times already, because their music is very special and unique. They are able to create the most mesmerizing soundscapes and fully surround the listener with calm melodies.

Matthias Schorer is the person behind de antiquis et novis. The artist comes from Germany and creates ethereal and electronical soundscapes for the whole world. They take inspiration from Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Schiller and many more.

‘Deep Blue Ocean’ is supposed to let you feel what it would be like to escape the craziness by diving into the ocean. You step out of your busy life and into the deep blue where there is nothing but the moment itself. It is a super unique experience to listen to, with natural samples of the ocean and electronical tones.

Look Back on The Glorious Days 😍

Kevkov takes you back to days that are worth remembering. With his track ‘The Glorious Days’ you will feel uplifted and happy. The calming beats and echoing vocals are working perfectly together to create a harmonious soundscape.

Kevkov is an artist and producer who loves to make music. He takes inspiration from artists like Gorillaz, Danger Mouse, Kenny Beats and The Strokes. The tracks on the album Vibe Collection Vol. 1 all function like some sort of time capsule. The songs take kevkov back to a period in his life, where his feelings from that moment work as an inspiration.

‘The Glorious Days’ is inspired by an anime television series called Samurai Champloo. The series are a Japanese historical adventure. The slow beat and Lo-Fi like tones are perfect for any moment of chill or focus. Whether you want to study, have background music or just sit down and let the music take you away, ‘The Glorious Days’ will be your biggest friend.

Calm Down with A Blend of Sounds 😌

H A U N T E R is the creative duo that just came out with their new single ‘This Is For You’. Together with Jamie Horseman they made a super chill and calming tune with different samples and relaxing vocals.

H A U N T E R consists of Sander Bryce and Jonah Levine. Sander is the drummer, sampler and producer while Jonah does the other instruments, and is the engineer/producer. Together they are able to make lo-fi beats out of different samples and sounds. The duo met 10 years ago and found out that they are second cousins. They record every last bit of the songs themselves, including the samples. H A U N T E R works from all over the world. Via Zoom and self-recording it is possible to work anywhere and stay in touch with each other.

The track ‘This Is For You’ has a well-structured rhythm, while the vocal sounds are calming and comforting. With a lot of synth and special samples it is a creative song that is perfect for any chill activity.

Everybody Needs some Good Lo-Fi 👌

This week the ‘Lo-Fi station’ is part of our Chill Vibes Playlist. JeffD Clark made a full Lo-Fi album to chill out to. The calming tones of piano will fill your heart while the slow beat is steady and chill.

JeffD Clark is a composer and producer from Lyon, France. He is able to combine jazz with lo-fi in various different ways. Varying from acid jazz to electro jazz and chilled lo-fi, JeffD Clark creates anything that screams chill. He is a solo pianist who uses loops, synthesizers and isn’t afraid to make a mix between different genres.

The album ‘Lo-Fi Station’ consists of various Lo-Fi tunes that will fill your house with warmth and comfort. The album, and JeffD Clark’s music in general, is a journey with your heart. You can feel the down-tempo beats and synths in your heart, bringing you a melancholic but comforting feeling.

Let Dhumavati Take You Away from Planet Earth 🚀

‘Dhumavati’ is an interesting blend between different genres. This track is made by Ivan Shopov and Mahlukat. It puts folk and electronical music together in a colorful soundscape of different tones.

Mahlukat is a Turkish/polish duo, who are currently residing in Germany. Combined with the Bulgarian producer Shopov, this track is a blend of different cultures and influences that come together in a calming sea of sound. You can compare the musicians to artists like Bonobo, Satori and Parra For Cuva.

The track Dhumavati is part of an album, which has been recorded within 10 days! This timeline shows that when the team has something on their mind, they will fully invest in it. The cinematic vibes, enchanting vocals and deep drums will surround you and put you in a different world. The mesmerizing piano tunes and cosmic tone is guaranteed to blow your mind and leave you speechless.

Let’s Dive into Some Electronics ⚡

My Friend The Chimpanzee is a duo that makes electronical music. ‘Twin Moons’ is one of these electronical masterpieces. With engaging lyrics and synthetic spheres, they will capture you.

My Friend The Chimpanzee consists of Josef Umschaid and Lukas Wieser. Lukas focusses on the strings and the synths while Josef does the drums and fx. They met through the rock band that Lucas used to be a part of and started working together after the band split up. My Friend The Chimpanzee takes influence from musicians like Absolute Beginner, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alphaville, Tocotronic, Vasco Rossi, Beastie Boys and many more. This broad influence gives special genre-bending music.

‘Twin Moons’ is recorded in the home studio in Vienna. The track is based on a novel from Haruki Murakami, about an alternate reality where an ambiguous power reigns. The track is meant to show that we all have a dark side to ourselves and that this is simply a part of us. We cannot live without it. At the same time, it also shows how much good there is in people.

Strong Hip Hop to Fill Your Mind With 💪

‘Keyless’ is a track from the latest album by Tony Loud Woodz. The rapper knows how to create a good Hip Hop track with a compelling beat and strong lyrics. ‘Keyless’ is on point and the this more up-tempo track is super chill to listen to.

Tony Loud Woodz is a rapper from Philadelphia, America. You may think that he is one in a dozen, but Tony Loud Woodz knows to capture the crowd like no other. He is making his name in the scene fast. Not only is he an artist, he is also an engineer, producer, photographer and videographer. With this broad experience he is able to create good music from start to finish. Tony Loud Woodz is mainly influenced by God, besides from that he listens to every genre and finds inspiration everywhere.

‘Keyless’ is a track in which Tony Loud Woods compares a luxurious woman to a luxurious car. Both can be desired and need to be treated with respect.

Let the Warm Sunlight Embrace You ☀

BETAGEIST has a new track; ‘Until We’re Swallowed By The Sun’. Not only has the track a natural feeling, it is also fully instrumental. The warm piano tones and relaxed beat take you to the feeling that sunlight gives.

BETAGEIST is the alias of Kevin Heber. BETAGEIST takes his influence from a wide range of musical genres through a broad timespan. Somewhere in between classical ambiance music and trance is where you can find him.

The track ‘Until We’re Swallowed By The Sun’ is warm and suiting. The electronical post-rock has a nice touch. Kevin knows to combine more classical instrumental music like guitar riffs with synths that will swallow you. His goal is to tell the listener a story and at the same time get a glimpse of emotion to the surface. Just sit down, relax and let BETAGEIST take you to the warm and happy place that the sun can provide.

Calming Piano to Zone Out with 🎹

This track is chill, but in a more classic way. Throughout the whole song the piano tones lead the beat to a calm and quiet place in your brain. It is comforting and melancholic at the same time. ‘Loneliest Place in the World’ is a track by Frank Joshua.

Frank Joshua is a singer/songwriter who takes influence from artists like Zero 7, Prefab Sprout and Richard Hawley. The track ‘Loneliest Place in the World’ was recorded in the white light studios in London. His melodies are exquisite and heartfelt.

Frank Joshua creates a timeless universe which consists of melodic pop. It paints the picture of standing alone at a train station. Waiting on the platform in the early morning, before the first train has arrived. These moments can be mellow or beautiful, or both at the same time. When you take the emptiness and beauty of the world in.

Calm in the Chaos 🧘‍♂️

We arrived at the last track of this week already. ‘Hello, There’ by Stori Brooks is a song that gets under your skin and fully captures you. Stori Brooks knows how to lure you in and makes a special soundscape with a blend of different sounds.

Stori Brooks has three foundations in her life, music literature and visual art. Her creative mind knows how to take people on a journey and give you a special experience. Based in Brooklyn, New York, she single-handedly makes her songs. Not only is she the singer/songwriter, she is also her own producer.

‘Hello There’ fits in the alternative Hip Hop genre. With intriguing lyrics and a very special mix of sounds she sure knows how to deliver a message. Her songs are filled with R&B and experimental samples and soundwaves. Even though there are a lot of different sounds in the song, it is still in harmony and fits as one calming and chill tune.

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