song reviews for our bass playlist on Spotify

Bass Playlist: new songs you don’t wanna miss!

Our Bass Bunker playlist has been updated! We have four new bangers for you, all very different and all very good. Listen to the songs in our Bass Bunker Playlist on Spotify, and let us know your thoughts! A song that you Won’t Forget! 🤯 ‘To The Edge’ is the new track of Curious Mind, consisting of both exhilarating drops …

future bass, dubstep, drum n bass, beats and more in the bass bunker playlist

Future Bass, Dubstep & Beats in raw form only

This week we have four new Bass songs for you in our bass bunker playlist on Spotify. We picked some new songs for you which have very different vibes, from light future bass to more in-depth tracks. Therefore we only have one question for you: Are you ready to dive in? 🔥

Chill vibes song reviews

Chill Tunes: some new Chill Music to Unwind

It is time for some new songs in your chill playlist, because we have found 10 new amazing chill tunes for you! There is a variation between lo-fi, indie pop, soul and more tribal sounds. This way you know of the newest and coolest songs in a diverse genre. Fly Back to Life with Wotts ✈ The indie-pop duo Wotts …